Frictional Games has announced that its most excellent horror game SOMA is at last heading to the Xbox One, and brings with it a new Safe Mode for those wanting to explore the story without the fear of being attacked by monsters.

The game, which originally came out in 2015 on PC and then later for the PlayStation 4, is an atmospheric creepy adventure set on the underwater facility PATHOS-II where things have gone very wrong in part thanks to an AI going off the rails. 

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Frictional has also confirmed that the Safe Mode will be patched into the PC version on the same day as the Xbox One release as well as later coming to the PS4 version at a date to be confirmed.

Though I've not played it myself, Alice highly recommends SOMA as one of her favourite titles of 2015 so fingers crossed this tempts you to pick it up when it lands on Xbox One on December 1.