Fresh on the heels of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds drumming up four million players on Xbox One, Microsoft has announced a new hardware bundle to capitalise on PUBG Corp's runaway success story.

Due out on February 20, the bundle will retail for £249.99 and features a 1TB Xbox One S console, a 1-month trial for Xbox Game Pass, a 14-day Xbox Live Gold sneak peak, plus a downloadable version of PUBG. It'll be available at 'participating retailers.'

The Xbox One version of the battle royale title rolled out in December 2017 and experienced a number of teething issues at launch, though to its credit PUBG Corp has been releasing new updates on a pretty regular basis to smooth things out. 

Right now the developer is focused on getting the current incarnation of PUBG out of early access, and has no idea what it's going to do in regards to the next version of the game. In the meantime, here's four tips almost guaranteed to improve your PUBG experience.