Pixel Noir, the JRPG-flavoured detective romp from developer SWDTech, will be coming to Switch in addition to the previously confirmed PS4, PC, and Xbox One versions.

The game will hit Ninty's hybrid powerhouse day and date with the other versions of the game, and includes all of the same content to boot. This includes translations for French, German, and Spanish dialogue on release date.

Pixel Noir takes place in Pinnacle City, a shit hole (the developer's words, not ours) town that leaves you with an overwhelming feeling that's more to life than smoking cheap cigs on street corners. Players control a Private Eye tasked with solving cases from murders to missing pets, while levelling up to increase their skills and fending off foes in turn-based combat.

SWDTech describes the game, which was funded on Kickstarter, as something of a combination between Earthbound and Sin City. Sounds like a winner to us. Be sure to have a butcher's at the trailer below to see if Pixel Noir tickles your fancy. 

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