Epic Games has thrown Overwatch players a bone regarding the game's upcoming Year of the Dog event. Speaking in a new developer update video, Overwatch's lead designer, Jeff Kaplan, confirmed that the studio will be introducing a new map based on Thailand for the event among other highlights. 

According Kaplan, the Ayutthaya map is tailored for Capture the Flag matches and comes in both ancient and modern flavours. Speaking of Capture the Flag, Epic has done a bit of poking and prodding with this mode, with draws now removed in favour of a sudden death mechanic. 

As a result, flags will now move to the centre of the map allowing for either team to score the winning point. In addition, snagging the flag is now instant, although you can drop it if certain abilities that boost mobility or activate invulnerability are present, such as Winston's leap. 

Finally, Kaplan revealed that the developer will roll out six new legendary skins and over 50 extra seasonal items during the event. The Year of the Dog is scheduled to kick off on February 8.  

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