Ooblets, a farming game of sorts, will launch for Xbox One and Windows 10 with full Xbox Play Anywhere and Cross Play in 2018, two-person studio Glumberland has announced.

The game will launch under the Double Fine Presents label.

So, what exactly is Ooblets?

"Ooblets is a farming and creature collecting game. It’s been likened to Pokémon smushed into Harvest Moon and stirred up with some Animal Crossing," explains Rebecca Cordingley, lead programmer and artist. "You’ll manage a farm, explore a bunch of weird places, find wild ooblets (that’s the name of the creatures), battle other ooblet trainers, collect all sortsa stuff, and even manage a little shop!"

Battles are said to be turn-based with a focus on team mechanics, whilst farming provides a range of upgrades, automation, and crops like fleeps, greeps, and zuchinoids.

There's also some exploration, with players able to explore the regions of Oob, travelling to different biomes to find new ooblets, seeds and hats.

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Source: Xbox Wire