Nintendo has decided that Super Mario is still employed as a plumber, despite claiming last September that the moustached fella had seemingly fixed his last leaky pipe some time ago.

According to a translation (via Nintendo Life) of Mario's bio on the official Nintendo website, 'his occupation is plumber. However, his activity is not confined to that area.' That's putting it mildly, as at last count Mazza had tried his luck at playing golf, tennis, baseball, karting, footie, and even at some point becoming a doctor to pay the bills. 

Of course, Mario hasn't actually done an awful lot of plumbing in his video game adventures, although he's been down the odd pipe or two throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, plundering its hidden coin caches. Hey, it's not as if he gets paid for saving it from Bowser each time, right? 

Those of you who are old enough to remember the Super Mario Bros. Super Show cartoon will perhaps recall that Mario and Luigi originally entered Princess Peach's domain by being sucked down a plug hole. Sadly, we doubt very much this is canon, but it's still a great explanation as to how they ended up there, and it does tie in with their occupation to boot. 

Oh, and speaking of Mario and video games, you should probably go and buy Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch if you haven't already done so. 

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