Capcom has been busy poking and prodding the Monster Hunter: World beast this week, releasing a pair of new updates covering the PS4 and Xbox One editions of the acclaimed action-adventure game.

Both patches are focused highly on bug fixes, with update 1.05 for the PS4 version ironing out some issues regarding squads, notably the error 'Failed to retrieve squad information' and a rare occurrence that allowed uninvited, non-squad members to rock up in Squad Online Sessions. 

The Xbox One edition meanwhile is continuing to receive improvements to the matchmaking system, which has been a perennial thorn in Capcom's side since Monster Hunter: World launched in late January. 

Finally, the developer has unleashed its can of bug spray across multiple other areas in the game, including quests, decorations, and the 5 million celebration item pack. Check out Capcom's official blog post for the full patch notes.

Alice thought Monster Hunter: World was definitely worth a punt in her review, with stunning environments and a brilliantly varied bestiary making for a solid slice of entertainment. Oh, and it's also ideal for newcomers too, if you were thinking about making the jump for the first time.