'Winner, winner, chicken dinner!' is something that every PUBG player wants to experience; after all, it's the sign of a well-earned victory. However, this apparently isn't enough for streamer Andrew Panton, who's revealed he's taking those words quite literally.

Yep, Panton has taken up the Chicken Dinner Challenge, which means he's scoffing down on an actual roast chicken with each win in PUBG for one month. That's one single roast chicken, and only roast chicken; he can't complement his meal with any veggies or sides of any description, and no other food is permitted. 

'I was thinking about the obsession with the pursuit of the chicken dinner and started thinking about it in a more literal sense,' he said (via PC Gamer). 'The reason why I am doing this is because I think this is a funny but incredibly stupid idea. This is such a ridiculous challenge to attempt, and nobody has tried it before, so I felt obligated to attempt it.'

Panton streams daily at 5.45pm PST and has so far done pretty damn well, notching up at least one victory per day despite being a self-proclaimed 'bad player.' However, he conceded that wolfing down so much chicken isn't all that exciting, noting the 'blandness definitely sucks' and that he regrets not giving himself the chance to consume any sides with his meals. 

Panton also didn't bother visiting his doctor before pondering his poultry-fuelled challenge. If he did, he'd probably realise that his body won't really be getting any fibre, which means he'll have a lot of trouble...well, do we really have to spell it out?