Horizon Zero Dawn has just passed its 1st birthday with over 7.6 million sales worldwide, and in that time players have fired a staggering 359.5 million arrows with the game's regular bow. 

That's according to the latest stats from developer Guerrilla Games, which confirm a slew of interesting figures on the critically acclaimed robot dinosaur-mashing adventure game. In terms of enemies, the Sawtooth has seen the business end of Aloy's weapons the most, with over 20.9 million of the poor buggers killed in the year since Horizon's launch.

Elsewhere, an eyeball-popping 40.7 billion Ridgewood plants have been snagged by players, while the Strider has seen 57.5 million overrides during the same period. Finally, 89 percent of players decided to spare Olin while 54 percent opted not to get into a ruck with Nil.

Check out the full list of stats below.