Daybreak Games has announced that it's transitioning to a free to play business model for H1Z1, presumably in an attempt to attract new players and have a shot at competing with battle royale royalty Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Starting today at 6.00pm GMT, H1Z1 will eschew its standard $19.99 price tag in favour of becoming a free download for everyone. However, if you already snapped up the game in Early Access or during its brief spell as a full release game, you'll be rewarded the H1Z1 Appreciation Pack.

The bundle features the Gasrunner Hoodie, Bloom Survivor t-shirt, Splinter Camo ARV, 10 Victory Crates, and 10,000 Skulls. In addition, Daybreak will be offering Bronze, Silver, and Limited Edition Gold Battle Royale packs as part of the move to free to play.

'We are very excited to announce that H1Z1 will be free to play starting today. Not only does this decision allow us to share our version of Battle Royale and Auto Royale with even more players, but it signifies the next step in making H1Z1 a must-watch esport,' said Anthony Castoro, H1Z1's General Manager.