Gran Turismo Sport developer Polyphony Digital has confirmed that the newly-unveiled GR Supra Racing Concept will be added to the PS4-exclusive racer next month as part of a new update.

The flashy motor is based on the Toyota Supra that was manufactured up to 2002, now returning as a race car after a sixteen year hiatus. It was designed by Toyota's dedicated motorsports division, Toyota Gazoo Racing, which specialises in the production of the GR franchise.

Gran Turismo's official website notes that the GR Supra was a fan-favourite for over a quarter of a century, and was colloquially known as 'The Sports of Toyota.' Furthermore, its influence was felt across various motorsports events including All-Japan GT race series, the US-based IMSA Sports Car Races, and the Le Mans.

If you haven't booted up GT Sport for a while yet then you should probably do so, as there's a new update doing the rounds