Shooting Test #1, the latest effort in Fortnite: Battle Royale's ongoing limited-time events, is now live across PS4, PC, and Xbox One. This one's a little different to the recent Sniper Shootout, however.

Rather than bringing a new game mode to the table, Shooting Test #1 instead offers a chance for Epic to test drive a new shooting model for the massively popular shoot-'em-up. Chiefly, the developer has tinkered with some basic game mechanics, such as giving weapons first-shot accuracy and increasing damage for various rifles. 

Outside of this, Epic's reduced the amount of damage that critical headshots inflict while implementing damage fall-off for select firearms. You can read the full list of changes for Shooting Test #1 on the official site

There's no end date in sight for the event yet, but the studio did say that it plans on running 'multiple shooting tests' before incorporating the changes into Fortnite's current build. 

Epic recently confirmed that Fortnite has barrelled past 40 million downloads across all three platforms.