Epic Games has announced that Fortnite's next limited time event will take the form of Teams of 20. Available from today, the new mode will be released for the game's free Battle Royale incarnation, and sees five teams of 20 scrapping it out to see who can survive the longest.

As mentioned this will only be up for grabs for a limited time, so be sure to get stuck in before Teams of 20 is given the boot next week. This isn't the first time that Epic has toyed with larger match types either; the Gears of War creator previously rolled out a chunky 50 vs 50 mode, which injected a whole new dimension to combat.

Looking ahead, Epic Games is planning on introducing a number of new modes for its record-breaking title, including Blitz Mode, Drop into the First Circle, and 50 vs 50 version 2. Fortnite was recently the topic of conversation on UK chat show This Morning, where a mum blamed the game for her son's increasingly mood behaviour. 

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