Ubisoft's historical hack-'n-slash For Honor is still alive and kicking, with season five of the game rolling out on February 15, the publishing powerhouse has announced. The update will be released across all three platforms (PS4, PC, and Xbox One) simultaneously and coincides with the game's first anniversary.

Age of Wolves will include a number of key enhancements for For Honor, including balancing heroes, matchmaking, and connectivity. One of the biggest additions however is the implementation of dedicated servers, allowing for a more stable connection with the removal of resyncing and session migrations. 

Elsewhere, the Kensei, Conqueror, Highlander, Berserker, and Nobushi will all go under the knife to receive major gameplay tweaks allowing for a re-balancing of the roster. To be more specific, Kensei and Conqueror will get new animations and movesets, while the remaining three will receive 'meaningful balance updates.' 

Finally, Age of Wolves will add three new training modes for players looking to polish up on the their limb-slicing skills in combat: Apprentice Trials, Warriors Trials, and The Arena. The latter is tailored to advanced players, where they'll be pitted against specific heroes to prepare them for certain battle combinations. 

'Following our launch in February 2017, our team was focused on building on the initial experience by adding new heroes, modes and continuous gameplay updates,' commented the game's director, Damien Kieken. 'For the beginning of 2018, we want to focus on the core experience and address player feedback by prioritising online stability and hero balancing.'

Alice thought For Honor was a pretty decent medieval romp, though its single-player and matchmaking left a bad taste behind.