Square Enix has released an impressive piece of "key art" for its Final Fantasy VII Remake" on PS4, but over a year and a half after its announcement at E3 2015 the game's release still seems miles away.

Speaking to Famitsu Magazine, and translated by Siliconera, producer Yoshinori Kitase had a small update on the progress being made.

"We’re currently brushing up the scene from the announcement trailer. We can now see the line of quality that we’re aiming for more clearly, but there’s still a ways to go," he explained giving hope to a release at some point in the future.

Kitase also indicated that there's a chance subsequent episodes in the Final Fantasy VII Remake - the game will be delivered as multiple parts - may actually end up on future game systems.

"With the quality line set in place, it’s our duty to carry on and protect it until the very end without having any disturbances for the episodes under production," Kitase explained. "But of course as we advance through the episodes, it’ll only be natural to have quality that is fitting for the next generation [of when the episode releases]."

So we could see FFVII Part 1 on PS4, with future parts coming to PS5 or whatever system follows the Pro.

As for when we'll see more than just a new "key art" for the game, Kitase says the team is still "hoping" to show more this year, but this remains "undecided".

"As for when we’ll release the next information, for example, I think that it’d be nice if we could have it playable or a trailer for it at an event," he added.

Source: Siliconera