Bungie has confirmed details on the latest Destiny 2 weekly reset, so it's time once again to strap your grinding gear on as you attempt to hoover up a new set of Milestones for those precious Engrams.

This week is also pretty significant in that it signals the return of Iron Banner, Destiny 2's ultra-tough PvP multiplayer mode. This rewards its own unique loot, so be sure to have a crack at it if you have time. 

On with the reset, and the Nightfall Strike this week is old favourite The Pyramidion, which features the challenges Unbroken and Siege Engine. Pay a visit to Nessus for the Flashpoint, and at this point we probably don't need to remind you to pick up the treasure maps from Cayde-6 while you're at it.

Meanwhile, be sure to pop over to Lord Shaxx for your weekly Crucible Milestone, while Ikora has new Meditations for you in the shape of Combustion and Hope. If you haven't already done so, be sure to check out Bungie's revised Destiny 2 roadmap to get an idea of what's in store for the shared-world shooter in the coming weeks.

Alice took Destiny 2 for a spin back when it hit PS4 and Xbox One last September, and despite the grind thought it was a pretty solid sci-fi shooter