2K has offered an in-depth look at world power simulator Civilization VI's upcoming Rise and Fall expansion, which offers a host of fresh gameplay concepts for budding tyrants leaders to feast their eyes on. 

The main highlight is the addition of the Great Ages system, which reflect your choices made across multiple eras. For example, if you've done a bang up job of leading your civilization to prosperity, you'll usher in a new Golden Age; mess up and you might end up in a Dark Age full of despair and famine. 

Choices will also rear their head in the form of dedications that affect the direction your civilization takes. However, even if you make a hash job of everything you can still bounce back by meeting certain requirements and therefore signally a new type Golden Age, known as Heroic Age, complete with special bonuses. 

Meanwhile, a new loyalty system will ensure you are always trying to win the approval of your city's population. Keep them on side and you'll unlock bonuses, but piss them off and you risk a revolt that may win them independence from your rule. Once this happens, another empire may snap them up if they gain their loyalty. 

Rise and Fall also introduces the concept of governors, who benefit from their own abilities and promotions. There's seven up for grabs for each faction, and you'll be able to plump between appointing a new one or buffing up the current one. Alliances have also been strengthened so that the longer you have them, the more beneficial they are for both parties.

Check out more info in the Rise and Fall expansion trailer below. You can grab the new content for PC on February 8.

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