The Zulu are officially joining Civilization VI as part of the game's shiny new Rise and Fall expansion, developer Firaxis Games has revealed. They'll be flanked by their leader, Shaka, and are one of eight new playable civilizations coming to the acclaimed turn-based strategy juggernaut. 

A largely military-focused group, the Zulu are able to deploy a special unit known as the Impi, which replaces the bog-standard Pikeman and boasts a number of advantages, such as a flanking bonus, being able to earn XP at a faster rate, and a low maintenance cost. 

In addition, you can rake in bonus Loyalty points from a conquered city using the Isibongo ability, provided you have a unit garrisoned there. Shaka himself can give you the edge in battle too, with the Amabutho ability allowing the Zulu to cobble together Corps and Armies earlier than usual. This perk also packs an extra punch by providing extra Base Combat Strength both Corps and Armies. 

Meanwhile, Ikanda is the place you'll be calling home as the Zulu Unique District, with the homestead offering extra housing facilities and more. Rise and Fall is available to grab on Steam now for £24.99.

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