Here at VideoGamer we're committed to delivering you the best seasonal content possible, so we'll be damned if you're not getting a top five hottest list from us this year! Games have given us plenty of smokin' characters over the years, but we think these five are the hottest of the hot!

Black Orchid – Killer Instinct

Wow. What else is there to say about Orchid, a character who regularly tops 'best of' lists for her deadly style, flair, and general badassitude (that's a combination of being badass and having attitude, by the way, as if you needed telling that about Orchid!). Black Orchid is not only a lethal international super spy and strong female character who can hold her own in a fight, but she also has a finishing move where she flashes her tits and it gives her opponent a heart attack because her tits are that great. How cool is that? Imagine how great her tits must be! Most importantly, Orchid has the ability to summon and/or turn into, depending on the animation, the Firecat, a big cat – like, maybe a lioness or a puma or something – made entirely of fiery energy, meaning this mamacita really is too hot to handle!

Flame Atronach – The Elder Scrolls

There are all manner of saucy demons to be found in fantasy RPGs, but for this list none of them beat the Flame Atronach from the Elder Scrolls series. To my mind nothing tops their appearance in Skyrim, with some cool but barely there armour emphasising the form underneath – which is a nearly nude lady made entirely of fire! This mamacita really is too hot to handle!

Brand – League of Legends

Don't worry ladies, there's someone on this list for you too! We couldn't put together a list like this for Valentines without including at least one totally hot guy, right? Well who better to choose for Mr February (under the day marked 'Total Hottie, What a Scorcher!') in our calendar of babes than Brand, the Burning Vengeance. In addition to being an ancient creature of molten rock, fire and lava, a veritable demon who possessed another, and hungers only to destroy, to burn, to exact vengeance with the purifying heat of the flames, Brand is also totally shredded. Wow, how much time do you spend in the gym, dude? 'Cos it's totally paying off from where I'm sitting! Haha! This mamacita really is too hot to handle!

Charizard – Pokemon

Charizard was an influence on many of us 90s kids at a formative age, so now when someone asks you, 'Hey, who's hot?', we naturally say, 'You've seen nothing until you've seen a cartoon dragon performing its blaze attack!' Now, sure, we could have put in Ninetails or Magmar, or even the ever-impressive legendary bird Moltres in here, but did Ash raise any of those from their first form through two evolutions? No, he did not, and that's why Charizard will always be the hottest fire-type to so many of us. Admit it: Charizard is the pokemon you wish you could have in real life, right? This mamacita really is too hot to handle!

Ifrit – Final Fantasy

I think you'd be hard pressed to argue that anyone is hotter than the elemental demon of fire with a signature move called Hellfire. Don't even try! Go home argument, you're drunk! Happy Valentines! This mamacita really is too hot to handle!

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