There are a lot of games crowdfunding at any given time, and you told us you'd like to hear about more of them. Your wish is our command, at least in this specific case, so we've had a look at the games funding on Kickstarter right now and picked out a few that look cool. Some of them are already funded, some of them are on the way, and some look like they'll probably end up coming out at some point whether they meet their goal or not, but all of them look like they could be interesting and you might want to keep your eye on them either way.

To be clear, we're not telling you to back any of these. You should always do your own research before putting money into anything and that very much includes projects on crowdfunding sites. If you do ever decide to back a game, approach it as an investment into something you'd like to exist rather than pre-ordering a game that isn't out yet. There's always a chance with crowdfunding that the project will never come to pass and you'll be out £20.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

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Quick pitch: one girl must save the world from demons in a beautiful action-adventure set in Ancient India

Whichever way you slice it, this game is gorgeous to look at, and got a fair bit of attention when it turned up on the Square Enix Collective. Raji is fighting against demonic forces invading the world, and she receives divine power from the gods to do it. There's a blend of puzzles and fighting on display here, and Ancient India makes a stunning backdrop.  There's a playable demo on Steam right now, if you fancy a look.

Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death

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Quick pitch: Sir Lancelot and Morgana le Fey hunt down Jack the Ripper in 19th century London because of course

Lancelot and Morgana le Fey (who is cursed to be a dog) teaming up to solve historical crime sounds like it could be picked up for a full season by CBS if the game doesn't go through (airing after whichever CSI is on that week), which, to be clear, I am saying is a good thing. Du Lac & Fey has some solid voice acting talent involved, and the art has a lot of nice detail work even at this early stage. Plus, the 3D modelled characters are stylised enough that I don't get a terrifying uncanny valley effect from them.

Ambition: A Minuet in Power

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Quick pitch: shag your way to power or a beheading in almost-revolutionary France

A 'woman of fashion' in pre-revolutionary France must use all of her considerable social arsenal to get ahead. Gain influence by wearing the right clothes to parties, say the right things to the right people, and enter into dangerous liaisons in the pursuit of power. Honestly, there's quite a lot to love about this one, at least on paper.


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Quick pitch: kind of Stardew Valley but on one of the cute little planets from Super Mario Galaxy

In Deiland you live on your own little microplanet, starting with only a tent, but gradually building yourself a cabin, a water well, and cultivating the land. Other characters come and visit to trade with you and there are RPG elements, but it describes itself as a single player sandbox experience. This looks very much like the kind of calming, escapist game that will appeal to players of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing

Mr. Mist

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Quick pitch: Blade Runner but pixelart point-and-click

I'm not sure how to expand on the quick pitch because that's what it is, as far as I can tell. In cyberpunk world where self aware robots exist codependently with humans, you, a grizzled ex-cop turned private dick, investigate a 'lost case'. The lighting, in particular the traditional cyberpunk neon, does look great though.


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Quick pitch: legally distinct Skate 4

I mean you all bloody want Skate 4. That's why this got fully funded in about a week. Fair play.


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Quick pitch: literal eco warrior

In Cede you terraform the planet by destroying enemies that explode and turn into lovely plants, which then either defend or support your battle efforts against yet more baddies. You are aided in your efforts by the Lil Bois: Lil Bush, Flo and Ray (the Seed Boi, Water Boi and Sun Boi respectively, which manages to stay on the right side of the line between annoyingly self-aware and cute). Seems like the kind of wholesome fun we could all do with right now.


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Quick pitch: handmade Twin Peaks adventure in 1960s Germany

Trüberbrook is another single-player mystery adventure, which seems to be quite a popular genre for crowdfunded games. This one tells the story of a young American student who wins a trip to a small German town during the middle of the Cold War, and apparently doesn't find this suspicious until strange things start happening (these ranging from the Stasi to dinosaurs). All the scenery in Trüberbrook is hand made, which always hits a soft spot with me.


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Quick pitch: control the world by managing a faceless cyberpunk megacorp

Spinnortality is a one man project that brings to life managing a global, evil megacorp. Experience the thrill of capitalism run amok by influencing politics with your filthy money, and 'research awful products, then use marketing campaigns to convince everyone they're awesome.' It's a good angle on a management sim (I'm thinking along the lines of Evil Genius and Dungeon Keeper) and there are some impressive systems in play here.