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Xbox Fitness, a new online service built for Xbox One will launch for the console this holiday, Microsoft has announced.

The service takes the world's most popular fitness videos and makes them interactive. The library of videos includes Beachbody's P90X (Tony Horton) and INSANITY (Shaun T), Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson and others, and will be available for free with Xbox Live Gold memberships through December 2014.

Thanks to Kinect, Xbox Fitness claims to be able to read your heart rate without a monitor, see which muscles are most engaged by measuring the power, force and transfer of weight in your body, and track the quality of your performance by measuring your balance, tempo and form.

The app will offer personalised program recommendations based on your workout history and past performance, highlight the most popular workouts among Xbox Fitness users, and offer workouts ranging from 10 to 60 minutes in length.

INSANITY's Shaun T commented: "What makes Xbox Fitness so innovative is the feedback it gives you. The Kinect sensor can evaluate your form, tell how high you're jumping, how hard you're punching and even read your heart rate. It's that little missing piece of validation that hasn't been possible for home fitness products before. Xbox Fitness completes the puzzle."

Xbox Fitness will also push you to work harder and stay motivated by integrating challenges into workouts, tracking your performance history and awards and delivering competitive social challenges.

An Xbox Fitness Pass will be included with Xbox Live Gold membership through December 2014, offering unlimited access to workouts. Starting January 2015, unlimited access requires a paid Xbox Fitness Pass subscription and an Xbox Live Gold membership. Additional Xbox Fitness will also be available to purchase. Analysis

This could be a major selling point for Xbox One as Microsoft looks to market the console beyond the gamer.

The technology behind Xbox Fitness is also pretty amazing, with Microsoft stating that it detects micro-fluctuations in your skin optically to read your heart rate, absolutely touch free, from up to 10 feet away. That's like something from the future.

Source: Xbox Wire

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User Comments

timidmeow's Avatar


This is probably a fun title for people like my mom who actually use the fitness games (I dunno... I saw her use WiiFit a couple times...) It's like a personal trainer, except without having to go to the gym, which I know a lot of people don't like for various reasons.
I actually think the kinect technology being utilised for this is cool, if a bit scary. The idea that my xbox could be watching my every move always kind of bothered me to be honest, and now it's measuring my heart rate as well.
I'm kind of hoping though that this paves the way for a virtual uptight French(Canadian) ballet instructor to virtually correct my posture (and especially my arms! ugh I'm so bad with my arms!) and tell me what barre exercises to do until I can get back into a proper ballet class. That'd be cool. I think.
Posted 21:50 on 20 October 2013
87Sarah's Avatar


Love this idea!
Posted 20:32 on 20 October 2013
Karlius's Avatar


This is fantastic. Love Insanity a real good home workout and to get this with the Xbox is going to be amazing! EA Sports active was good with the limited ability of the first kinect. Can't wait to try this out!

The dates may be out though? Should it be December 2013 or is it a year?
Posted 13:38 on 27 September 2013


.... Ahhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Why are Muricans so OTT!
Posted 10:40 on 27 September 2013

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