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VideoGamer.com has acquired the first ever gameplay footage of Team Bondi's troubled next-gen project Whore of the Orient.

The exclusive footage, supplied to us by a trusted source, offers a first look at the lead character, combat, gunplay and city of the open-world action title, which previous publisher Warner Bros. is rumoured to have dropped in late 2012.

Team Bondi previously developed Rockstar Games' detective thriller L.A. Noire, and is thought to have been acquired by Australian production company Kennedy Miller Mitchell in 2011.

The Australian government granted $200,000 to the project in June following alleged lay-offs at the development team earlier this year. KMM is still thought to be seeking a publisher to back the project.

Brendan McNamara, writer and director of Whore of the Orient, has previously described the title as "one of the great untold stories of the 20th century".

For a selection of screengrabs from the footage, head through to our gallery.

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User Comments

Slender_Man_co's Avatar


I'm just so put off by the title I couldn't care less about this game.
Posted 02:55 on 03 September 2013
PS4isthebeast's Avatar

PS4isthebeast@ orionsangel

Well for right now it looks as if the gameplay was only pre-alpha so it look better when the game is officially done
Posted 15:59 on 02 September 2013
Nexuslordnova's Avatar


wtf? that's a song from the ac3 ost...its track 14 modern assassin :\
Posted 19:08 on 02 August 2013

BrySkye@ Batmamerc

More to the point does anyone remember shenmue 2?

I am left reeling, truly I am. It was the Dreamcast's swan song.
...well, apart from in the US... They only got the Xbox port.
Posted 18:33 on 02 August 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar

Batmamerc@ BrySkye

Just googled shenmue 2 and that actually looks quite good, looks like a prequel to sleeping dogs.
Posted 17:58 on 02 August 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar

Batmamerc@ BrySkye

More to the point does anyone remember shenmue 2?
Posted 17:57 on 02 August 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar

Bloodstorm@ BrySkye

For a game that doesn't even have a solid-ish release date, no, it really wasn't.

Trusted source? Someone's going to be investigated and sacked.
Posted 17:11 on 02 August 2013
steamygoreng's Avatar


reminds me of Uncharted 3's chase scenes
Posted 15:23 on 02 August 2013

BrySkye@ orionsangel

Loads of betas look really different from the final product.

That's what ol' Randy was trying to use as an excuse regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines.
It's usually quite interesting looking into video game betas and seeing what changed.

Of course, this probably isn't even beta. It wasn't meant for public consumption.
Posted 14:37 on 02 August 2013
orionsangel's Avatar


LA Noire looks better than this game. This game looks like a bad tablet game based off the Mummy movie franchise. I'd expect more fluid animation. It looks like it's running at 20 fps. It's also funny to me when they show the crowd. That supposed to be some WOW moment. Haha! Did these guys play Hitman Absolution?

Yeah yeah, I know, it's not a finished game! It's gonna look totally different when it's released. Said everyone about every beta and demo ever released and then the final product didn't look that different. :P
Posted 13:49 on 02 August 2013


Chasing someone through the street reminds me of every single character you go to question in L.A Noire.
Posted 13:01 on 02 August 2013


Sooo... am I going to be the first to say it?

Chasing through the streets at the start, the fighting...
How can anyone not be reminded of Shenmue 2?
Posted 12:49 on 02 August 2013
shompa's Avatar


Anyone knows what engine they use? It looks like Rockstars RAGE engine.
Posted 12:32 on 02 August 2013

BrySkye@ FantasyMeister

How can you be a 'trusted source' and someone that leaks gameplay footage to the press at the same time?
Well that's easy. It just means they are trusted by Videogamer.com to provide reliable info.
Posted 12:29 on 02 August 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


How can you be a 'trusted source' and someone that leaks gameplay footage to the press at the same time?
Posted 12:22 on 02 August 2013

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