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Thief screenshot
Thief screenshot

Thief and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition will be reduced by 50 per cent this Friday in a new Xbox One Games Store sale.

The promotion should see Thief reduced to around £25 and Tomb Raider down to around £22.50. Call of Duty: Ghosts will also be discounted by 33 per cent, with the game's Digital Hardened Edition (which includes the game's Season Pass) knocked down by 20 per cent.

The next-gen discounts join this week's Xbox 360 sale, which sees BioShock 1, 2 and Infinite all given massive price cuts from today, alongside Infinite DLCs Clash in the Clouds, Columbia's Finest Pack and Burial at Sea Episode 1.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and NBA 2K14 have been cut to £7.49 and £22.49 respectively, too, with the current-gen versions of Thief and Tomb Raider joining on Friday.


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User Comments

RichRomano1's Avatar

RichRomano1@ ert3

If you expect developers to reinvent the wheel all the time, then of course my phrasing will bother you. Thief is to be played slow, with few enhancements. That's how the previous installments played. Hence, if you want a good experience from this game, it has to be played in that vein.

Now, if that's still too hard for you to understand, then perhaps a little less time playing video games and more time reading is in order.
Posted 19:31 on 26 March 2014
ert3's Avatar

ert3@ RichRomano1

god that is toxic phrasing for me.

"play like its supposed to be played."

Might as well say, linearity in level design is a good thing because game-play elements are a yes no answer.
Posted 10:40 on 26 March 2014
RichRomano1's Avatar

RichRomano1@ pblive

I think Tomb Raider is something you'll want to play twice even three times. It's a lot of fun. The Thief game isn't as bad as the critics say -- if you play it like it's supposed to be played, you'll get hours of fun out of it.
Posted 20:21 on 25 March 2014


Lightning returns is selling for about £25-£30 most places now. Thief usually a bit higher at £35-£40.
None of Square's games are doing well at the moment.
Posted 18:32 on 25 March 2014


Thing is, neither Tomb Raider or Thief would be titles I'd consider digitally on consoles because they don't have the replay value. I've only got Tomb a Raider on Steam because the package price was ridiculous at the time.
Posted 17:07 on 25 March 2014


I expected Thief to bomb, but not that much. Christ, £25 for a digital version of a game less than a month old is a serious failing for SquEnix.
Posted 15:51 on 25 March 2014

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