titanfall bundle1 -
titanfall bundle1 -

UPDATE: Amazon has also dropped the price to £349.

ORIGINAL REPORT: ASDA has dropped the price of the Xbox One Titanfall bundle to £349 – the same price as a standalone PlayStation 4.

For £349 you'll get the 500GB console along with a digital copy of Respawn's shooter. The bundle typically costs £399.99, although it isn't clear whether the new price is a permanent reduction or a temporary promotion.

The offer is also reportedly available in store.

Source: direct.asda.com, Amazon.co.uk

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Ok fanboys, read the story properly next time. Last time I checked Asda and Amazon weren't in charge of Microsoft.

GameStop have been selling the Ps4 for £329.97, does that mean sales for Ps4 are failing too?
Posted 08:49 on 12 April 2014
Dreamcaster's Avatar


So they've matched the price of the PS4 with Kinect included & they're giving away their "console selling" title free with a purchase. Titanfall obviously didn't "turn it around" for them because you don't give away that stuff if your system is selling.
Posted 16:34 on 11 April 2014
Craigieboy's Avatar


Well it was inevitable really.
Posted 12:27 on 11 April 2014
ThEvilMammal's Avatar


Woot woot
Posted 10:53 on 11 April 2014

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