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UPDATE 19/03/14 12:09: The deal went live on GameSeek's website moments ago, but with only 5 consoles available it had sold out within minutes.

Titanfall, however, is still available with the lowest price set to £30.

Were you lucky enough to grab an Xbox One? Let us know below.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Online retailer GameSeek has announced plans to temporarily drop the price of an Xbox One console with FIFA 14 to just £299.99 – £100 less than the standard retail price.

The price drop forms a part of GameSeek's 'Co-buying' promotion, an initiative similar to sites like Groupon that offers a product at an increasingly reduced price as more people pledge to buy.

On top of that, the retailer will also be reducing the price of Titanfall on Xbox One to just £30, offering a substantial saving on its normal price.

GameSeek says that each co-buy will only last for a "few hours" and that there will only be a "limited number" of each product.

To make sure you don't miss out, head through to GameSeek's site and sign up to be notified of when the deal goes live.


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User Comments

marioking's Avatar


The price of the Xbox One when first released was insanely priced. I don't care how good the games are no console is worth that price. You can buy the Nintendo Wii U for half the price and in my opinion the games are way better on the Wii U. Xbox One games are like £55 are you joking? Microsoft are driving away Video Game fans with that price tag. I don't find the Xbox One graphics to be a major improvement over the Xbox 360 and you can now pick up games for the 360 for around £5/10.

If you want to be able to afford reasonable 360 Video Games try are really good for xbox 360 games if your not ready for the Xbox One, forget the Xbox One for now and the stupid prices.
Posted 22:56 on 22 March 2014
drako1000's Avatar


I was actually one of the "lucky five" to grab this, I'm hoping that they will actually make the Xbox One into a worthwhile "media centre".
Posted 13:37 on 19 March 2014
alphafour's Avatar

alphafour@ Clockpunk

Absolutely agree! If there was a remote chance I could get it then sure but 5 is just patronising. It's like those annoying reverse auctions when the 'lowest unique bidder wins' but plenty of times you end up paying just as much as (or more than) you would if you just went to the shops.
Posted 12:48 on 19 March 2014
alphafour's Avatar

alphafour@ Apache287

you call a £50-per-month contract getting the ps3 for 'free'? Sure it's at a discount but I would prefer not to be locked into a 24-month contract at £50/month.
Posted 12:46 on 19 March 2014
rotan's Avatar


What a waste of time. Are they selling 5 consoles at a loss just for (bad) publicity? Why not negotiate with MS to get a decent stock (1000?) so that you can offer at that price. There must be quite a few old FIFA bundles available now that Titanfall is the main attraction. I would have bought at £299, but not paying £399. You would think MS would be keen to get the sales!!!
Posted 12:44 on 19 March 2014
Clockpunk's Avatar


5 consoles. 5. That is ridiculous (and quite honestly discourages me from ever wanting to shop with Gameseek)
Posted 12:18 on 19 March 2014
Apache287's Avatar

Apache287@ smackybumbum

If you read the article you would've noticed this is a publicity stunt by a specific retailer, not a general price cut. Only 3 years ago all phone retailers in the UK gave away PS3's with their phone contracts for free as no one was buying them.
Posted 21:53 on 17 March 2014
smackybumbum's Avatar


Another price cut Which means Xboxes haven't been moving off shelves. Let's hope this current increase in sales stays and doesn't tail off quickly when the initial interest in titanfall winds down.
Posted 18:08 on 17 March 2014

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