Titanfall screenshot
Titanfall screenshot

Titanfall is now fully-exclusive to the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, meaning it won't be released on PS4 at a later date as many had expected, EA and Respawn have confirmed.

During an overnight earnings call with investors, EA CFO and executive VP Blake Jorgensen said: "In the case of Titanfall, it's a brand-new IP, and it's exclusive only, for the life of the title, on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and PCs."

This was then backed up by Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella who took to Twitter to explain what had happened.

"[Titanfall was] always MS exclusive at launch, great partner and focus is good for a startup. EA made a deal for the rest, we only found out recently =( " he wrote.

However, Zampella added that future titles in the Titanfall franchise can be released on other systems, "just not the first Titanfall".

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Does this change your decision on which next-gen console to pick up, especially if you were hoping to play Titanfall on PS4 at some point in the future?

Source: Seeking Alpha, @VinceZampella

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Bossitronio's Avatar


I will never leave the greatest console's ever to hit the gaming community for one game even if it may be great. the only thing I think of this is that they'd better rethink their exclusive deal because there is a lot of money to be made in the Play Station community and I know they wouldn't mind that.
Posted 06:01 on 17 March 2014
BensonMutton's Avatar


Why would I want that 720p garbage anyway? Killzone will likewise never be anything but a playstation exclusive.
Posted 22:28 on 03 November 2013
essex1212's Avatar

essex1212@ RazorGecko

You are possibly gonna need a top PC to play it though.

Won't know for sure until we the specs and I would bet money it will be on Origin...Ugh...
Posted 18:39 on 31 October 2013


I own a Mac and a PC, what does that mean? :D

Seriously, though, every console needs some exclusives and Titanfall is certainly a good poster boy for the Xbox One. I'm just hoping it turns out to be as good as it looks.
Posted 17:06 on 31 October 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ RazorGecko

What most of the people (Ranting Idiots not educated forumites like yourself) here hate MS so don't own a PC they are all Mac users so still can't play the game.
Posted 15:57 on 31 October 2013
RazorGecko's Avatar


Well who cares it is coming for the PC so most of us will be fine :).
Posted 13:58 on 31 October 2013
Karlius's Avatar


Your comment was censored for inappropriate language nothing more nothing less! I was going to go in and change the offending words however as it was repeated 8 times I decided to simply delete the post. Please feel free to re-post with no expletives.
Posted 09:44 on 31 October 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ dav2612

A dirty dirty tactic that has been cleaned up.
Posted 16:45 on 30 October 2013
MJTH's Avatar


For a company that literally went on record last week saying they were not favouring Microsoft over Sony, this decision doesn't seem to back that story up.
Posted 14:46 on 30 October 2013
DragonGuard666's Avatar


"Announced exclusive is exclusive". Not sure why this needs an article.
Posted 11:18 on 30 October 2013
Freekill's Avatar


So all I heard there was EA went behind the back of Respawn and made a deal with Microsoft for a ton of money. EA being greedy once again!
Posted 11:00 on 30 October 2013
dav2612's Avatar


Where is Karlius with his "dirty tactics" comment?
Posted 10:57 on 30 October 2013

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