Titanfall screenshot
Titanfall screenshot

Titanfall's multiplayer will be limited to 6 versus 6 matches, Respawn has confirmed, explaining that the player count offered "the best balance".

Nevertheless, the relatively low player count has attracted some criticism from fans, something the developer has jumped to defend.

"A 6v6 game can be a crazy experience, very fun," said CEO Vince Zampella. "It is what we find most fun. There are other games with higher player player counts if that's your metric."

He also clarified that the 6v6 count only applied to the number of human players and that "everyone can have a Titan in follow or guard mode". Multiple AI soldiers will be present on the battlefield, too.

A NeoGAF user claiming to work at Respawn jumped to its defence, too, criticising commenters for "armchair game designing".

"I'd suggest playing before judging a something as insignificant as a number in a vacuum," they said.

"Vince is right - we tried a huge amount of playercounts (all the way down to 1v1 and up quite high) and designed the maps, gameplay mechanics, and entire experience around which played best. If anyone wants to chase the numbers game, perhaps we're not the experience they're after? I dunno."

The developer concluded: "Only a couple months until speculative threads like this are gone and people are actually talking about their experiences with the game. Its truly fun stuff, and I hope everyone at least gives it a try."

Titanfall launches on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on March 14.

Source: @VinceZampella, neogaf.com

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User Comments

Jesus_Phish's Avatar


A good call. If I want to play a big massive multiplayer shooter I'll play Planetside 2 and to a lesser degree Battlefield 4.

The focus on having a smaller number of players makes for much more interesting competitive play. I'd love to see them put in a 3v3 mode as well.
Posted 11:48 on 09 January 2014
essex1212's Avatar

essex1212@ Karlius

You are correct and about 75% of the original staff of Infinty Ward went with them to Respawn. Hence why COD has got worse with no improvements for so long.

It was always gonna be something like 6v6 simply because of the Titans, everyone calling them all the time in a big match or the reward system like they do in COD would make it *****.
People would just be in and out of games all the times, that's why they have done it.

Zampella and West know what they are doing, have done since the first Medal of Honor on PS2, I totally trust their calls.
Posted 11:23 on 09 January 2014
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ Karlius

You're right. Apparently he hasn't worked there since May 2012.
Posted 11:22 on 09 January 2014
Karlius's Avatar


Gears of War 5 v 5 was fantastic the maps were perfect size and Zampella should be capable of creating these maps. I think most of the original members of Infinity Ward whom resigned/Laid Off when Zampella and West were sacked now work at Respawn. (But sure West has now gone/left Respawn?)
Posted 11:09 on 09 January 2014
altaranga's Avatar


The optimum team size depends a lot upon the type of game and gameplay.

I trust West and Zampella to make the right calls when it comes to MP.
Posted 10:33 on 09 January 2014
GR90's Avatar


Smaller teams makes for better gun fights. The more players you put in the less team work gets used and just ends a crap shooter.
Posted 13:41 on 08 January 2014
Repcep's Avatar


Initially disappointed, but going back to when GOW was released the small 4v4 tight game play made it one of the best team focused games around. This will be perfect or really disappointing, no middle ground.
Posted 13:02 on 08 January 2014
Bloodstorm's Avatar


This is amazing news. Cannot wait now.
Posted 13:00 on 08 January 2014
Endless's Avatar


I much prefer smaller numbers, 6 would seem to be an ideal size. 4 too small, 8 slightly too many imo.
Posted 12:37 on 08 January 2014

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