Titanfall screenshot
Titanfall screenshot

Screenshots of previously unseen Titanfall multiplayer maps have leaked online ahead of next Friday's release, detailing some of the areas you'll be jet-packing across next week.

The images were posted by Reddit user FallenFusion who claims to "have a reliable source with information on Titanfall", and who claims to have been given information about the game's Campaign Multiplayer mode.

"Without spoiling any story details, there are 9 campaign matches, and you can play from each side, IMC and Militia," the informant states. "The matches consist of 5 Attrition & 4 Hardpoint games. Picking each side results in different pre-match briefings and chatter during the battles. There are some surprises which will keep things different from the traditional multiplayer experience."


titanfall lagoon -


titanfall colony -


titanfall colony2 -

Outpost 207:

titanfall outpost 207 -


titanfall demeter -


titanfall nexus -


titanfall airbase -


titanfall relic -


titanfall fracture -

Alongside images of the maps, FallenFusion also posted an image of one of the game's huge aliens, ziplines and a shot of the 'Regeneration' menu – Titanfall's take on Call of Duty's Prestige.


titanfall monster -


titanfall ziplines -


titanfall regenerations -

Titanfall launches on Xbox One and PC next Friday, March 14, and on Xbox 360 on March 28.

Source: reddit.com

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I'm very glad there's the regeneration. In the beta I did seem to be getting an awful lot of XP. The worse thing about prestiging is the lack of rewards for it but here, thankfully, they seem to have addressed it.
Posted 11:14 on 03 March 2014

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