Titanfall screenshot
Titanfall screenshot

The Titanfall beta is now available to all Xbox One users, Microsoft has announced. The beta had previously required a code to access.

To download the beta, simply look for it in the 'New Game Demos' section of the Xbox One Games Store. Can't see it yet? Microsoft warns that it may take some time for the demo to appear to some users but "rest assured everyone will see it soon".

The PC beta will also be opened up to everybody, possibly as early as today.

In addition, the beta has been extended by "at least a day" to make up for the server downtime experienced following Friday's launch. The beta had been due to end this Tuesday, February 18.

Heading online to try it out? For some hints and tips on how to dominate the opposing team in the beta, head through here.

Titanfall launches on Xbox One and PC on March 14, and on Xbox 360 on March 28.

Source: majornelson.com, @VinceZampella

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Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ essex1212

But it doesn't look like a COD game either. It looks more Halo meets crackdown 2 meets Transformers war for Cybertron than COD.
Posted 11:29 on 17 February 2014
essex1212's Avatar

essex1212@ Karlius

Because the game was developed with Valve's last-generation Source engine which some think Call of Duty runs on...it doesn't it runs on the IW6 (I think it's called that???) engine.
But to the naked eye it looks like a COD game (which I think was done to make it more accessible to people personally and get into naturally without it being daunting to people) but doesn't play like a COD game.
Posted 11:00 on 17 February 2014
Karlius's Avatar


I have absolutely no idea where the COD comparisons are being drawn. Usually from people who haven't played the game or are just reading previews/reviews.

The controls are very similar but so are all shooters these days as it makes it easier to pick up and move from one game to another.

I'm with Brooke if anything this is Halo meets Gears of War.

The parkour elements are fantastic and the titans are just amazing with the balance being just phenomenal. You can be clever as a Pilot to take on a Titan but if you get caught your dead.

It's like winding up a body builder like Simon Miller. You can skip round him putting in blows but if he catches you, you're pretty much dead.

When two titans collide it's like two body builders having a scrap big blows and carnage everywhere!

Really epic fun!
Posted 09:25 on 17 February 2014
brookie94's Avatar

brookie94@ cynicalcookie

ignore that dude, if you think it looks like something you'd enjoy, it probably will be. i'm in the pc beta, it's the best fun i've had in a shooter since halo 3, it'll be hard going back to bf4 once the beta is over. also, if you want to get into the beta, go to ea help and start a live chat. once in, politely ask for access to the beta and you will be given it. trust me, this works.
Posted 05:08 on 17 February 2014
alphafour's Avatar

alphafour@ cynicalcookie

I'm already in the PC beta.,... it isn't that good lol you're not missing out on that much. It really is just COD with mechs.

The problem is the scale of the maps they are tiny and there are hardly any players per team. The bots are just a waste of space they will stand in front of you and do nothing half the time!

In my opinion they could've had more pilots and just a few titans per team and then that would've been perfect. With the small player count it feels very boxed in. After having played games like Joint Ops back in the day and Battlefield 2, 3, 4, I just can't reconcile with these types of games anymore.
Posted 21:52 on 16 February 2014
cynicalcookie's Avatar


still no pc beta :(
Posted 20:42 on 16 February 2014

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