Thief screenshot
Thief screenshot

Thief on the Xbox One and PS4 will deliver "much more than what a console gamer is used to," but the PC version will improve on this even further, Eidos Montreal technical art director Jean-Normand Bucci has told DSOGaming.

"The new consoles are very strong, very powerful," said Bucci. "They allow for much more than what a console gamer is used to. The gap between PC and next gen has massively reduced for sure. The new consoles and high-end PC offer better frame rate, higher resolution, and many new features along with DX11 support."

Regarding the PC version, Bucci added: "The PC version will support all the graphical features of the next-gen consoles with numerous improvements, including even better anti-aliasing, higher resolution shadows and support for multi-monitor. Thief on PC will also be amongst the first batch of games that support AMD’s new Mantle API for high performance graphics."

PC players will also have FOV control and mouse sensitivity options.

Thief will be released February 28 for Xbox One, PS4, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: DSOGaming

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Grip_Chimp's Avatar


All that extra gloss may secure the "wow" factor, but I want a proper Teef game.
Posted 21:04 on 04 December 2013
bobbetybob's Avatar

bobbetybob@ Dreamcaster

Well a lot of the time they're only better looking through sheer hardware power because the developer (or more often, the company porting it) haven't spent the time to make a good PC version. It's nice to know that the developer isn't going to be holding stuff back just to make the new consoles seem better.
Posted 20:46 on 04 December 2013
sycholect's Avatar


Shame it won't improve the combat, this isn't a real Thief game unfortunately, more assassins creed than anything.
Posted 18:45 on 04 December 2013
Dreamcaster's Avatar


Well this has been the case since gaming began so why would it be any different going forward? I see this as a trend on websites lately as a way to get clicks perhaps due to the fanboy wars but it's nothing new. PC games will almost always be better looking.
Posted 18:10 on 04 December 2013

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