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Community members frustrated by Need For Speed: Rivals' 30FPS frame rate lock have discovered a method to force the PC version into running at 60FPS.

According to a video posted by Pixel Enemy, the fix seems incredibly simple. All players need to do is right click the shortcut to the Need For Speed Rivals executable, select Properties, and add the following line to the end of the Target entry:

-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 60+ has not been able to test the method to verify whether it actually works, but according to Pixel Enemy, the additional line should trick the game into outputting at 60FPS while staying at the normal game speed.

The video claims that the workaround is "almost flawless", but states that players may need to lower their video settings in order to maintain a constant 60FPS. Dipping below 50FPS allegedly causes the game to go "really sluggish".

The PC version of Need For Speed: Rivals attracted criticism from the community for its 30FPS frame rate lock, with some calling for players to boycott the PC release. Previous attempts to mod the game to run at 60FPS led to cars running at an unplayable speed.

Neither Ghost or EA has commented on the reasons for locking the game at 30FPS.


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User Comments

Aman00seven's Avatar


After trying this method i followed these methods given here :
My game is running without lag now..You can also try if these methods also works for you ..
Posted 15:13 on 01 February 2014


Tried that method but am told it is an invalid name so will not let me enter it onto the line
Posted 05:45 on 18 December 2013
pblive's Avatar

pblive@ decbee

GPU does about 90% of the work in most cases. Games with higher CPU requirements will benefit from a better CPU, of course, but then they'll also benefit from faster memory, too. But still GPU is the most important factor, followed by the CPU and ensuring that the CPU power won't bottleneck the GPU.
Posted 14:19 on 15 December 2013
decbee's Avatar


GPU does nothing in regards to FPS and game-speed. If you want your game running smoother I suggest you upgrade your CPU, better yet I would just overclock it.
Posted 13:35 on 15 December 2013
rico_rico's Avatar


It will work but some places will run at 35-55 and the gpu usage 65% so it clearly need some patch from ghost studio
Posted 13:18 on 27 November 2013

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