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Xbox One "may last 12 years, if not longer", according to Rare's Danny Isaac.

Isaac was speaking about the studio's Kinect Sports Rivals missing the console's launch day last November, and how there'll be "even fewer" opportunities to release alongside a console going forward.

"As we went through E3 and gamescom and looked at the timelines, we just weren't comfortable that we were going to give the experience to the consumers that we wanted for ourselves and that the franchise was known for," Isaac told

"We made the decision to move out of the window, which is always tough, there's very few opportunities to be there day one, and there’s going to be even fewer going forward.

"This console may last 12 years, if not longer," he continued. "But we got Preseason out, which was good, and it just gave us a little bit more time for the product to stay and cook a little bit more, because really the issue wasn't so much about depth of content. It was, as you see, everyone moves slightly differently, everyone’s homes are set up differently, everyone engages in different ways, and we just weren’t confident that we’d been through enough of that to make sure it was stellar in every situation."

Microsoft has previously said that it expects Xbox One to last "conservatively a decade", a similar length of time to that of the Xbox 360 which celebrated its eighth birthday last November.

Kinect Sports Rivals launches across Europe on April 11. We recently got the chance to play the game at Rare's offices, and you can see what we thought of it here.

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User Comments

Neon-Soldier32@ xboxwon

Not sure if troll of trippin'...
Posted 21:08 on 17 March 2014
xboxwon's Avatar


That would make a bunch of 720p games, 12 years.
In less than 2 years, when the ps4 will have sold like 25 million units vs 10-12 million Xbox 1, Microsoft will simply move to a new device.
That, if the xbox gaming division doesn't purely disappear before 2015.

In 12 years... the ps6 will be displaying raytraced games at 8k resolution.
By that time, there will be sata 6, USB 5, ssd at 5000mb read/write per second, gddr7 ram for graphics, system DDR 6 12000-15000(right now 2400 stable is already excellent..), etc.
I'm sure they will be able to stack hundreds of layers on a single chip, each layer with hundreds of cores, under 5 nanometers tech.

And we will all be 12 yo older :(
Posted 20:35 on 17 March 2014
mikeslemonade's Avatar


Is that how long it's gonna take to beat the competitors install base?
Posted 18:52 on 17 March 2014

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