Killer Instinct screenshot
Killer Instinct screenshot

The full cost of Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct has been revealed. The game will be available as a free download complete with one free playable character, but additional characters will cost real money.

Individual characters will be available for purchase, starting at £3.99 each, but bundles will be offered.

Combo Breaker Pack – £16.99 – Saves 50%. Includes:
- The first 8 characters (6 at launch, plus 2 characters before their official post-launch release)

Ultra Edition –£34.99. Includes:
- The first 8 characters (6 at launch, plus 2 characters before their official post-launch release)
- Character accessory packs
- Character costumes
- The original "Killer Instinct" arcade game

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User Comments

Endless's Avatar

Endless@ Karlius

Nope, everyone gets Jago. Everyone else is extra.

I think this is probably alright, i kinda hoped individual characters would be slightly less. but realistically if I downloaded the game for free, had a blast as Jago and loved the game. I'd spend the £16.99 on the full 8 anyway.
Posted 14:19 on 20 August 2013
Karlius's Avatar


I wonder if you can choose the character you start with and then chose the additional characters.
Posted 13:56 on 20 August 2013
MJTH's Avatar


I think this is reasonable to say the least. 8 is small for a modern fighter, but this isn't a regular full boxed release. This is a downloadable game, for £16.99. A more fitting comparison would the game skullgirls a 2D downloadable fighting game which launched with 8 characters and will be updating/ increasing it's roster over time.
Posted 12:22 on 20 August 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I don't really mind this particular model, you get the game for free then download what you need. In Killer Instinct's case it's not a genre I'd play, but if something like World of Warcraft released the starter areas for free then let you add in new zones at £3.99 a pop as you progressed it'd probably be worth a look for me.
Posted 12:05 on 20 August 2013
Weasel_Pants's Avatar


8 characters doesnt seem very many in a modern fighting game, but then i hear the 'season passes' will change that.
what horrible business practices, shame since the game looks so good.
Posted 11:56 on 20 August 2013

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