xbox one 11 -
xbox one 11 -

Next autumn's line-up of Xbox One games is looking so "crazy" that Microsoft may have to "purposely try to move some things out" of the window to give them room to breathe, Phil Spencer has said.

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Speaking with Xbox Live's Major Nelson, Spencer explained that "looking at production schedules and how things are lining up, next fall is just crazy.

"I mean, this fall from a 1st-party/3rd-party standpoint is great. Next fall, I don't... Honestly it's not hype at all, I honestly don't know that we can actually ship all the stuff that thinks it's trying to ship next fall. It just might be too crowded and we might purposely try to move some things out to spread it. You have to [give them some breathing room], you have to do that."

Microsoft has yet to announce its full Xbox One line-up for 2015, but has confirmed that Rise of the Tomb Raider and Halo 5: Guardians will both go on sale next autumn. Time-bending third-person shooter Quantum Break is also due next year, with Scalebound and Crackdown yet to be dated.

Spencer goes on to explain how February and May have proved to be good release windows for major releases in the past, citing the success of Red Dead Redemption and God of War.

"It's nice as an industry that we don't all have to get on top of each [other], just clobber ourselves and compete against one other, because there are enough hours in the year for a gamer to go play great games, but people want to play the things that are current," he continued.

"And I think as publishers and first parties have success at multiple points of the year it's just a good thing for us, because having three/four great games ship all in the same week at the end of October, while maybe on some forecast somewhere it feels like that's the right thing to do, just as an industry I think it's much more healthy if we have more beats throughout the year where people can ship great games."


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pblive@ EverTheOptimist

Can't see it myself...:D

Click for Image
Posted 09:01 on 04 November 2014
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


Anyone else think Phil Spencer looks a bit like Vince Vaughn? It bothers me.
Posted 08:52 on 04 November 2014

pblive@ NickTheSwede

But the point is that Forza Horizon 2 on 360 is a completely different game to the Xbox One game and the PC ports are all pretty bad so far, the Xbox One version are a lot better with the PC versions seeming more like an afterthought.
Posted 08:38 on 04 November 2014
raviel's Avatar

raviel@ lilmikey

You forgot, Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon (didn't review good but it's a fun game)
Posted 18:48 on 03 November 2014
Havel's Avatar


lol. I wouldn't put a Phil or a Spencer in charge of anything. "I mean, this fall from a 1st-party/3rd-party standpoint is great". I reckon he nearly said OK.
Posted 16:28 on 03 November 2014
NickTheSwede's Avatar

NickTheSwede@ lilmikey

Only sunset is only on xbone. Forza is on 360 and the others on pc
Posted 15:55 on 03 November 2014
lilmikey's Avatar


well i guess you havent played ryse,titanfall,dead rising,sunset overdrive or forza
Posted 15:16 on 03 November 2014
bunimomike's Avatar


Makes sense if it's becoming this full already. I suppose the best thing to do would be to dish out a calendar marked with as many releases they know about so the devs can plan ahead themselves and hopefully avoid any nasty, sales-spoiling clashes.
Posted 15:04 on 03 November 2014
PKMaxx's Avatar


Check this guy out, he's delaying games that haven't even been announced yet....

Ho ho....
Posted 13:54 on 03 November 2014

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