FIFA 14 screenshot
FIFA 14 screenshot

EA Sports has warned Xbox One players not to connect two controllers to the console while booting up FIFA 14 in order to prevent the game from crashing.

In an update on the game's alert screen, the developer acknowledged that "using 2 controllers to navigate the bootflow may cause a crash. To avoid this, please only use one controller during the FIFA 14 bootflow.

"You can turn on and use additional controllers once in the FIFA Menu. The team will be fixing this issue shortly after launch."

EA's support site states that the issue will be addressed "in a Day 1 Update", however the update does not yet seem to be available.

The publisher also says that it will be rolling out additional fixes in future updates to address a crash in Co-Op Seasons and improve the performance of Kinect voice commands.

FIFA 14 launched on Xbox One last night and is included as a free download with the majority of Day One Edition consoles.

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MercilessSuggy's Avatar


It's quite amusing to see people who aren't very good at the new Fifa criticising it!!!

In terms of realism, Fifa 14 on the One blows away any previous fifa. Realism in terms of player control, tactical differences and just the entire dynamics and physics of the game.

What I tend to see is players disliking new "systems" and thus saying it's crap - While sometimes change is bad, sometimes it's very good, and it's more realistic than ever.

Amazing game!
Posted 02:25 on 24 November 2013
Fifaplayertimg's Avatar


Fifa 14 on xbox one is no different from 360. The ai is still terrible. Players control is still terrible. The game crashes on clubs and you can't invite friends for friendlies while in their party or with other people playing other games in party. No in fact it's worse! When we did get into clubs our defender scored two own goals. One he side footed into an empty net the other was a header even Andy Carroll would have been proud of. Also they play footsie on the edge of their own penalty area. The menu mid game lags like hell. The celebrations are less focused and far out. The game is unfinished unimaginative and under developed. The servers are still terrible. The goalies have plastic gloves that parry everything. The rebounds are over powered the defenders lag back two steps instead of running for over the top balls. The defenders bump into each other. The fouls never get called. The commentary doesn't link up with what happens on the pitch. The grass is not green enough except when it's too green. The developers are clearly not football fans but cash hunting con artists. Don't even get me started on the 54.99 battlefield 3 sorry 4 easy mistake to make but I'll be honest I only managed 3 minutes before being lagged out. Xbox is dead people xbox is dead.
Posted 09:55 on 23 November 2013
jayblue1's Avatar


Fifa crap you must not have played it,blows all the old versions out the water,day one essential.
Posted 21:38 on 22 November 2013
Fishermanz's Avatar


I can see why fifa 14 is free with xbox one........ It's crap
Posted 20:47 on 22 November 2013

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