Dead Rising 3 screenshot
Dead Rising 3 screenshot

Capcom has asked fans to stop "freaking out" over Dead Rising 3's frame rate and to "give [the developer] a break" while it optimises the game's performance.

Discussing the technical hitches the studio has faced during Dead Rising 3's development, producer Mike Jones said that the team "got dinged" by the response to the game at Gamescom.

"Everybody online was freaking out around Gamescom," said Jones (via Capsule Computers), "they were like 'oh the frame rate looks sh*ty,' and it's like 'dude, we're still working on the game. We're still optimizing it. It's not finished.'

"That's the last thing you do, once it's complete and you have all the world built, all the missions built and everything in there, THEN you start optimizing. Then you start getting the frame rate up there, getting the performance up there."

Capcom Vancouver is reported to have improved Dead Rising 3's performance following its Gamescom demo, with the game now said to be "frame-locked at 30FPS".

"People have noticed," Jones continued. "I've seen articles hit the web just last week when we were at Tokyo Game Show, from our Gamescom build to our Tokyo Game Show build. It is similar content, and a similar area of the world so people who saw it at Gamescom and saw it at Tokyo Game Show were like, 'oh sh*t they weren't lying, they actually did optimize everything, and the framerate is totally solid now,' and we're like; 'See? We're not done, we're still working on it! Give us a break, there's two more months till we come out! We're human beings too! We have feelings too!'"

Despite the improvements, Jones admits that there were "some frame hitches and problems" with the Gamescom demo, but that the studio has employees "staying up until 3am" to solve technical issues.

Dead Rising 3 launches alongside Xbox One on November 22.


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AdesteFideles's Avatar


Any next-gen game that's 30fps is only half finished.

My dreams of a 60fps generation are busted before it's even begun.
Posted 17:26 on 25 September 2013

BrySkye@ Karlius

That's the risk you take when you show an unfinished product to the public.
All the more so when you let people actually play it.
When something is playable, it's assumed to be nearing completion.

You could flip this on it's head and ask the question;
"Why did Dead Rising 3 get so much criticism while other games didn't?"
Plenty of other games are due for release at the same time and were not in the same state.
AC4 and BF4 both had high-profile crashes on the big screens, but people accepted that's just something that happens with unfinished builds.
Very embarrassing, but not headline news outside of jokes.

Framerates on the other hand tend to be a little more stable by this point, hence concern not just consumers but also from the gaming journalists that are used to playing early builds and know the score.

BTW, Alpha build? Just months before release? No chance. Those demos at E3, etc, will have been mid to late betas.
Right now, the game should be going through "release candidate" builds.
Posted 15:12 on 25 September 2013
Freekill's Avatar


I understand what you mean Karlius but this late into game development they should already have a solid fps. They should be in the possess of polishing off models, environments, cutscenes etc. I still love the game but tbh people should be pissed off by this.
Posted 15:10 on 25 September 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ Bloodstorm

But this is about criticising an Alpha build like it's the the final product. The Beta was just released at TGS and has had a better response. Prior to this most previews I have read don't really criticise the frame rate other than to say there is a problem and hope Capcom resolve the issue before release. It's us users that complain.
Posted 12:57 on 25 September 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


People NEED to criticize games, we, the consumer, are forking out cash for a game, why should we pay the full price for something that looks like a buggy mess?

EDIT- Needless to say death threats are certainly not what i mean either. If only people were more civil about gaming.......
Posted 12:46 on 25 September 2013

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