Dead Rising 3 screenshot
Dead Rising 3 screenshot

Dead Rising 3 may receive its own downloadable spin-off similar to Dead Rising 2's Case Zero and Case West, Capcom Vancouver has teased.

Speaking to during Gamescom about the possibility of a Case Zero-type game launching alongside Dead Rising 3 this November, senior producer Jason Leigh said that it was "impossible to do a prologue for a game that comes out on launch day," but revealed that the studio has "tricks up [its] sleeve that'll be announced later on."

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero launched shortly before the release of Dead Rising 2 back in August 2010 and served as a prequel to the full game, introducing players to new character Chuck and daughter Katey.

Case West, meanwhile, released three months after Dead Rising 2, following on from one of the game's endings and re-introducing original hero Frank West.

Microsoft has yet to announce DLC plans for Dead Rising 3 beyond the game's Day One Edition, which includes access to Frank West and Chuck Greene outfits and additional weapons.

In addition to hinting at a possible downloadable, Leigh also revealed that Capcom Vancouver is working closely with Microsoft to improve Dead Rising 3's performance in time for launch.

Dead Rising 3 releases alongside Xbox One this November.

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Clockpunk's Avatar


Half of me hopes a potential mini-Episode comes out on the 360, the other half - however would cry. That might just be too much temptation for the full game...
Posted 10:04 on 28 August 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar


I think I loved case zero more than DR2 loved the little town feel and the short story think I replayed it 10 times at least, had all shops to explore and cool things to make and basically all the mechanics were shown off from DR2 in it and the multiple endings were great, with DR2 you had to play the whole game to get a particular ending and I wouldn't go bk to see the others after first long play through. Was a great way to advertise the full game so they should do one on the 360 before the xbone launches.
Posted 09:50 on 28 August 2013

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