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Battlefield 4 screenshot
Battlefield 4 screenshot

The PC version of Battlefield 4 will look better than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, executive producer Patrick Bach has suggested, telling that DICE is "doing as much as [it] can" with the next-gen versions, "but we need to compromise in some places".

Discussing the differences between the PC and next-gen versions of Battlefield 4, Bach said that "from a CPU/GPU perspective, no, [PS4 & Xbox One cannot match PC].

"PC will always be... You can just add more to a PC. There's always more. The game supports to a big extent better hardware, but not completely, so it won't be night and day."

The PS4 demo of Battlefield 4 on display at Gamescom last week appeared to be somewhat lacking in comparison to previous PC demos, with IGN calling the visuals "soft and muddled" and outfitted with wall textures that "looked half-finished, lacking some of the smaller material nuances or 3D variation".

Battlefield 4 screenshot

Whether the final game will look as good on next-gen consoles as the 'Fishing in Baku' footage shown during the initial reveal still isn't certain, however.

"I try to remember what it looked like back then," Bach adds. "To me it's back then! It has come a long way. This is why I'm not completely sure on how to answer the question, because some people might not see the difference. When they look at it, [they'll say,] 'Yes, it looks exactly the same.' To me, I will see the difference because there are so many levels of fidelity that is for some people hard to spot. The experience will be very, very similar, but then what it is might not be the same."

Asked whether he was happy with the final system specs of PS4 and Xbox One, Bach said: "I'm never happy. I always feel like there's more that we can do [and] there's always more that other people could do."

But does he wish they offered more?

"Of course I do. I want PCs to be twice as fast as well. I think [PS4 & Xbox One] will do what they are supposed to do. They will move console gaming farther. It will take console gaming into a new generation. Then the question is, could they have done more? Yes. Would it cost the same? No. It would be twice the price. Would that be a reasonable thing to sell to consumers? Probably not.

"But then again, there's always a balance, and the same for us. There's always a balance. 'You should have done more with Battlefield 4.' It's like, well, we do as much as we can but we need to compromise in some places, and in other places we don't compromise at all, and you think we should have done the opposite. Sorry, that's our creative choice. I think that both Microsoft and Sony, they probably have very clever people finding the right balance where you get the most bang for the right buck. And I think looking at that and looking at from what I understand when it comes to pricing that they are hitting a very good target."

Battlefield 4 screenshot

Despite the differences between the PC and PS4/Xbox One versions, though, Bach believes that the next-gen release of Battlefield 4 marks an exciting milestone for the series.

"I think the cool thing that we are extremely excited about is that you will, for the first time, get a full Battlefield experience on a console," he adds. "It's the same core, it's the same game, it's the same feature set, there's nothing left out, so to speak. But there's also the 64 players, 60FPS experience that you haven't really seen on a console previously which will move it up a big notch and eliminate some of the gap between PC and console.

"Then it's more of a question on graphical fidelity, graphical detail and stuff like that. But then on the other hand, [PS4 & Xbox One] have some cool features that [benefit] it being a console game. You know, how Battlelog is integrated into the game in a much better way, you have the second screen features, you have the whole friends network which is super nifty on the consoles, and stuff like that."

Battlefield 4 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on November 1, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions expected to follow at each console's launch.

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User Comments

Lee240874's Avatar


As a PC gamer I now only play @2650x1440 haven't used so called full HD for a long time as the difference is way way ahead
Posted 08:11 on 09 September 2013
Lee240874's Avatar

Lee240874@ BrySkye

More ahead lol are you for real EA will do anything to sell FIFA as its a load of *****
Posted 08:09 on 09 September 2013
Lee240874's Avatar


Look here all you oh they must be wrong ppl the next gens have a GPU that costs £100/$150 my psu cost more than that consoles will never match PC it's simple maths cost is king ps5=18months away that's how long so called next gen will last fact hardware already 18months old lol and btw I'm not a troll before fanboys call me one just stating real facts
Posted 08:07 on 09 September 2013
Twilord's Avatar


I figured. Going Steam and using the money saved for Good Old 'Tendo just for the inevitably excellent big exclusives is sorta the obvious call.
Posted 00:42 on 30 August 2013
Kir6y's Avatar


Games like NBA Live 14, FiFa 14, Madden 25, mainly all the EA sports games coming out is going to look better on Xbox 1 than PS4 in my opinion. Still getting PS4:).
Posted 10:19 on 29 August 2013
Kir6y's Avatar


Its all Bluff. Remember that the consoles are just first coming out.
Xbox 360's Gears 1 to Gears 3 has a very noticeable graphics change plus other games. Never had the PS3, but most likely there console games were like that to...:/
Posted 10:04 on 29 August 2013
coolguyhero's Avatar


i totally agree with you andrew.i am not a developer but i did lot of research understand the architecture etc.EA purposely doing this because Microsoft is paying a lot bud of cash to them.

proof:in another article EA producer said that PS4 & xbox1 is like supercharged car now suddenly what happened that they cant make a game equivalent to pc.
this all crap for money not for will see how naughty dog will use ps4s power for their games.

reasons: fifa 14 free game ,time exclusive & finally ps4 power is more than xbox1.
if they build bf4 according to ps4 hardware then xbox1 bf4 will look downscaled as compared to ps4.
this is not first time every time more developers are paid by Microsoft to do this in case of ps3 & xbox360.

if sony studios can make such beautiful games like god of war,uncharted,last of us then why not other studios that means they do this on purpose.
indie developers should avoid xbox1 because sony gave them a break & microsoft rejected them now it is changing its policy.
Posted 03:46 on 29 August 2013
Andrew770's Avatar


I will not take their word comparing the games PC performance versus the PS4. I don't believe this game is optimized for the PS4. They are pushing this thing on all of the consoles at once and are likely rushing it to market in time for launch. I am a software developer and my experience tells me that they are not giving us the full story. It is possible that they have scaled down the performance of the game on the PS4 to match the lower specs of the Xbox One. I will look to Sony Studios to show us what the PS4 can do. The PS4 has 8GB of GDDR5 memory versus the Xbox One's 8GB of DDR3 memory, and therefore the PS4 has three times the bandwidth of the Xbox One. I suspect they are bending the truth. I will not use Battlefield 4 as a bench mark on how the consoles will perform.

I suspect these guys are emulating the PC game on the PS4 console and not taking full advantage of the PS4 architecture. It is similar to running a Microsoft Windows Operating System on an Apple Mac PC in an emulator.
Posted 20:38 on 28 August 2013
hajer2965's Avatar


PCs are always improving hardware in 1 year or more or less the PC will make next gen consoles like crap but that doesn't mean they are aweful that's just the truth and we all know it
Posted 16:17 on 28 August 2013


It is a bit funny that it was someone from EA that said the new consoles were beyond current PC machines by a fair margin.
That was their reasoning for why the PC version of FIFA 2014 will be built around the Xbox 360/PS3 version, not the Xbox One/PS4 ones.

Anyway, I suspect that the old console advantage of optimisation over PC's may become less pronounced with this generation.
Now that the CPU and GPU of these consoles is directly derived from current PC architecture, a lot of those optimisations may also apply to the PC versions.
I mean, both consoles have a version of a Radeon inside them and AMD aren't going to make that a completely different instruction set from the other Radeon GPUs.

When developers start designing their games around the new consoles, then the PC versions should also see a sudden leap in performance, even without any hardware upgrades.
PC games will become native to X64 processors. Overnight they will suddenly be enabled to access more than 4GB of RAM and start taking better advantage of multi-core processors.

Provided you already have a PC with a decent CPU, like an i5 or i7, and a 64-bit OS, then it's entirely possible you should be able to do some fairly cheap upgrades for half the cost of an Xbox One or PS4 that should bring you surprisingly close to their performance.
Posted 14:47 on 28 August 2013
Kaarloss's Avatar


Next gen consoles will run it like a mid range gaming rig ie a £600 - £700 machine (so significant saving there) but PC will always be able to out perform if you spend enough
Posted 23:28 on 27 August 2013
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ Chris_Linux

This, please.
Posted 20:25 on 27 August 2013
Chris_Linux's Avatar


DICE has not released any detail at all about the Xbox 360 and PS3 version, and that makes me worried. Specially now that Xbox One and PS4 version will be already "castrated" ones. Can you at ask any further details about the current-gen console versions? Please!!!
Because I tried already several times on Twitter, but they always gave those "wait for further details" which sounded mor like an automatic reply.
They are even releasing official console controller for current-gen consoles, but NOTHING about how the game will be on them.
Thanks in advance!
Posted 18:31 on 27 August 2013
Stealth_Pyro's Avatar

Stealth_Pyro@ Tallmios

It actually ran on a single HD7990 (which is essentially 2x HD7970 GPUs but it's still a single card). The 7990 wasn't even released yet, so its drivers were nowhere near optimized. BF4 will run just as well as BF3 did on equal hardware; perhaps even better.
Posted 16:11 on 27 August 2013
Stealth_Pyro's Avatar

Stealth_Pyro@ pblive

Ehhh... not really. It only takes about a ~$500 PC build to surpass console-level visuals in the majority (if not all) of games (whether PS3 or PS4), giving a superb experience at "real" 1080p (not some upscaled 720p like consoles frequently do). One of the biggest misconceptions about PC gaming is that it has to be really expensive to be enjoyable. Not true in the slightest; this coming from someone that builds gaming PCs of all budgets for many people.

Yes, if you want to REALLY experience the glory PC has to offer, you'll want a ~$1,000-$1,200 build, with dual high end video cards and a much higher resolution display such as 2560x1600.
Posted 16:02 on 27 August 2013

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