Dragon Age: Inquisition seems destined to be special but why is it not exciting? - E3 2014

Simon sat down with BioWare for a Dragon Age: Inquisition demo and came away rather confused.

4 Publish date 10:53pm at 10 Jun 2014

Rainbow Six Siege was the most interesting Ubisoft game at E32014

Steve saw the new Rainbow Six game behind closed doors, and came away thinking less is indeed more.

5 Publish date 9:28pm at 10 Jun 2014

Assassin's Creed Unity: Revolutionary France, revolutionary ideas? - E3 2014

Another Assassin's Creed game, another chance for Ubisoft to deliver on the series' lofty potential. Steve played it: here's how it stacks up.

3 Publish date 9:28pm at 10 Jun 2014

The Golf Club: The new Tiger Woods?

Stripped back, and exactly what a golf sim needs.

1 Publish date 12:23pm at 06 Jun 2014

FIFA 15: How next-gen is it?

Brett went hands-on with FIFA 15 on Xbox One and wonders how much it could change before launch.

1 Publish date 9:00pm at 09 Jun 2014

Homefront: The Revolution: Little war, big ambitions

We sent rabble-rouser Steve to see the new Homefront. He made it back alive, but the news wasn't all good.

Publish date 2:00pm at 02 Jun 2014

The Evil Within: The next great Resident Evil game?

Shinji Mikami returns to the genre that made him famous, but can he really recapture the magic of Resident Evil? The answer may be yes.

3 Publish date 3:00pm at 27 May 2014

Evolve: Less Left 4 Dead, more Dota 2

A deceptively strategic shooter from the team that brought you Left 4 Dead.

Publish date 1:00pm at 22 May 2014

Here's Some Lovely Gameplay

Chris and Steve put on their jauntiest headwear and talk some Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Publish date 4:56pm at 07 May 2014

Watch Dogs: Laying the foundations for a blockbuster franchise

We sent Steve to play Watch Dogs, and he found a game caught between two generations.

4 Publish date 5:00pm at 23 Apr 2014

The Crew preview - A step in the wrong direction?

Is Ubisoft sabotaging The Crew with its monetisation model?

6 Publish date 5:00pm at 08 Apr 2014

Sniper Elite 3 preview - Sure as Kilimanjaro rises, we shoot some men in the eyes...es

Bratt and Brett take on Halfaya Pass in Sniper Elite 3. Can the series offer more than kill cam thrills?

1 Publish date 3:00pm at 08 Apr 2014

Batman: Arkham Knight - Batstreet's Back... alright?

Steve Burns has seen Batman: Arkham Knight. Let him walk you through everything you need to know...

3 Publish date 7:00am at 27 Mar 2014

Kinect Sports Rivals and Rare – an inconsistent story

We sent Brett to Rare's historic grounds to play Kinect Sports Rivals. He came back wondering if Kinect will ever work.

Publish date 1:00pm at 17 Mar 2014

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes - Worth Every Penny

Steve sneaked into [was invited to] Konami's secret base [office] to play [play] Ground Zeroes. Is it worth the cash, or is Konami simply trying to milk your love of the series?

12 Publish date 2:00pm at 06 Mar 2014


Episode 69 23 Jul

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