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Tom Orry, Editor - FIFA 13, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

FIFA 13 screenshot

I've only played one actual game of FIFA 13 outside of work; the rest of my time with the game has been spent playing the skill games. These challenges are the best tutorials I've played in a long time, but I'm almost convinced some of them are nigh-on impossible. I'm talking specifically about the final skill game in each of the eight disciplines, such as the lob pass tennis. It's bloody hard!

Having spent most of my free time in the evenings this week failing to lob a ball back and forth I gave the passing drill a go, and boy is that hard too! It's like those games you used to play in football training at school, with one side trying to keep the ball while a few defenders try to gain possession - all within a tight square. The only difference here is that you have to do it for ages to get anywhere, and the defenders are world class, not John and Andy from Year 6 Class B.

Neon Kelly – Video Production Editor – XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Xbox 360

XCOM: Enemy Unknown screenshot

They're all dead. My housemates. My best friends. Me. Hell, they even killed Black Hulk Hogan: the car he was hiding behind caught fire, then he panicked and refused to run away. He actually survived when the car exploded, but then he slowly bled to death in the street. RIP.

I can't say I'm particularly surprised, given that I started my first XCOM campaign on Classic difficulty, and with Iron Man enabled. In a way, I got exactly what I wanted – this is XCOM after all, it's supposed to be hard. Still, I think I'll play on Normal for my next attempt. And to be honest, I might not rename my troops after my friends, as it's oddly upsetting when they die. Although I did laugh when Black Hulk Hogan checked out. RIP!

Martin Gaston, Reviews Editor - Where's My Perry?, Android

android -

Now that I'm a cool independent guy who exists separately from the brainwashed hive mind of the masses (I have an Android now, also I miss my old iPhone) I have been playing Android games.

Android games are also available on iOS, but let's just pretend for a second that I've stumbled upon a whole new playground of magical new adventures. One of those is Where's My Perry?, which is essentially Where's My Water? all over again.

But that's fine, because that game is fine. And Where's My Perry? is also fine. It's based upon a cartoon or something that I haven't watched because I'm an old man who doesn't watch children's TV anymore, mainly because he's playing games on mobile phones.

So, yeah, video games. By the time this is published I'll also have played a spot of League of Legends this weekend.

Are we still in 2012?

David Scammell, Deputy News Editor - Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360

Resident Evil 6 screenshot

The most terrifying thing about Resident Evil 6 isn't its monsters, but Capcom's overwhelming desire to create a game that everybody likes. The developer seems to have fumbled its way through a check-list of everything that feels vaguely contemporary within gaming, shoehorning in Call of Duty-like hand-in-front-of-face first-person sequences, non-stop explosions, and knee-high walls. Every HD-era gamer loves guns, explosions, zombies and QTEs, right? Right?

It's ironic then, that Resi 6 feels like an antique. Its mechanics are clumsy, its design is stuck in the past and the game's odd mix of 'old meets new' never quite marries up, a bit like when Anna Nicole Smith shacked up with James Howard Marshal II. I guess Capcom only did it for the money, too.

But I like that. As odd as it may sound, Capcom's reluctance to let go of Resident Evil's quirks and foibles - as many as there are and as off-putting as they can initially be - is oddly endearing. The sum of its parts is weak, largely due to the game's new square pegs not fitting into the series' old round holes, yet I've found myself eager to go back. A little more direction and focus, and a little less 'Eliminate All Enemies' could have worked wonders - as could splicing all three stories into one singular campaign. But, if it can continue to hold my interest in the way it has done so far, Resident Evil might just have some life left in it after all.

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User Comments

dazzadavie's Avatar

dazzadavie@ rbevanx

Yeah in fairness its not a good map or mode to show off. One side will be camping to defend the arming or defusing of the bomb. It also wants you to spawn camp because once they have armed the bomb they roll into the defenders spawn point and just take you out.
But I did enjoy it but l think thats only because I'm playing with friends as lone wolfing it its almost pointless.
Posted 12:24 on 08 October 2012
Woffls's Avatar


Just Borderlands 2. It's pretty good, but it doesn't seem any better than the first to me just yet. Oh well.
Posted 12:22 on 08 October 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ dazzadavie

I honestly thought Medal of Honor:WF felt like a generic Call of Duty game, in all fairness Battlefield 3 is really good but it was the servers thing and no matchmaking I had issues with.
The maps felt very easy just to sit and camp and I was the only one not camping when I gave it a go on the weekend, as well as the maps feeling rather bland un like Battlefield 3 which really do feel like you are placed in a warzone.
Posted 11:51 on 08 October 2012
dazzadavie's Avatar


Medal of Honor:WF BETA Sure its another shooter, and sure its like CoD but its different some how. Maybe its the fact I'm playing it with a few fellow BF3 players or that I don't seem to be to bad at it but I am very much liking it.

BF3 As always just a little bit of this to try and mop up some assignments.

[Joe Danger: The Movie[/b] Fun but I really don't see it being that big a deal.
Posted 11:20 on 08 October 2012
dav2612's Avatar


Lots of blowing everything up in Just Cause 2. I'm about 45 hours in and 48% complete which means there is still lots of things to blow up.

And when I'm not blowing things up I'm playing Hell Yeah! which is a bit bonkers but rather enjoying it.
Posted 10:47 on 08 October 2012
MrGloomy's Avatar


Ahhh, my xbox broke! Typical, I get the Friday off and my xbox disc drive buggers up, requiring a £35 repair job. Still, it's a very old console (first gen) and it's nearly back to normal. I'm still thinking I might have to trade it in for a new one as I suspect that the twilight years have come and gone and instead and watching the last breath's of mt dear old 'Egg-box'.

As a result, I've been using my PS3 and playing Borderlands 2 (yes, I have B2 on both consoles), playing co-op with a friend from work. It's been an epic ride so far. Both of us opting for the Commando, but with different skill trees and been awesome. I've gone the survival route while my friend has gone the rocket-toting all action route. My plan is to fully level this guy so that I can deploy 2 turrets and have enough points to spec it with rocket pods...awesome.

Considering neither of us have headsets, somehow we have found a primitive way to communicate our intentions. Usually witht the aid of shooting towards something. It makes me think the next Borderlands (praying there is one) should have a quick gesture system for simple communication.

I'm only level 20 with my PS3 character, but I still find that my best weapon so far is a level 12 e-tech weapon. It a pistol that fires 2 shots at a time, 85 damage per-round/bullet, 50% fire element damage, 25% elemental chance, 95% accuracy (and a long range scope), homing/bouncing rounds and fire splash damge effect. Oh, and I can throw/reload for extra boom, awesome.
Posted 10:08 on 08 October 2012


FarCry 2 - About 65% of the way through now, although I think that's all of it I'll be playing for a while now, what with Borderlands currently, Pokémon on Friday and AC3 at the end of the month.

Borderlands 2 - Brilliant, I've put in 24 hours since Wednesday, need I say more?
Posted 23:48 on 07 October 2012


Carrier Command Gaea Missions, NiGHTS into Dreams, Sonic Adventure 2 and a bit more Jet Set Radio.

I feel like Carrier Command is splitting me in two. The campaign FPS missions feel like a hasty boardroom decision to sell copies but the strategy game is pretty fun, as long as you're a fairly patient person.
Posted 20:33 on 07 October 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


The sole title this week has been Borderlands 2 as well. GotY, most certainly, I feel. If only the rest of the month would look like this, alas with the intense lineup expected (both physical and digital releases), I have no idea how they shall all be gotten through - especially as the Mechromancer character will hit soon, encouraging another Pandora-based start!!
Posted 18:56 on 07 October 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Borderlands 2 for me. Again. Nothing else. Again. 169 hours of gameplay so far according to Raptr, so easily the best value for money game I've bought in years.

F.E.A.R. - ordered, despatched and delivered via Amazon.co.uk all within 16 hours - and The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition for the 360 have been added to the tottering pile of things to do.

Sometimes I feel lucky to have been born in an era where videogames exist, but when gaming gets this good then blessed seems a more appropriate adjective.
Posted 16:13 on 07 October 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


Been playing The Amazing Spiderman on 360 and finished it, very good in all fairness but drags towards the end. Gave The Witcher 2 a go for an hour and felt it was rather boring, mainly cut scenes and loading dominated the hour odd I played on it.
Also done now on Dodonpachi Resurrection and thought it was really good but was really really hard.
Still playing Mark of the Ninja now and again and I'm close to the end of the game now, really nice surprise this game has been and has been one of my favs of the year.

PC also came this week and its all set up just getting a decent joypad for it, yes I know I can use a 360 joypad but I'm fussy :P but as I got Spec Ops for a fiver on PC I think that will be the first one I will get cracking on :)
Posted 13:10 on 07 October 2012

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