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2K Marin to announce squad-based tactical shooter in XCOM universe in coming days

Game has undergone an evolution since last seen at E3 2011.

Publish date Apr 24 2013

Is 2K about to re-announce XCOM?

A mysterious package received by VideoGamer.com this morning seems to suggest an upcoming announcement regarding 2K's XCOM.

2 Publish date Apr 19 2013

Rumour: XCOM is now a downloadable third-person shooter

New marketing survey suggests major changes for 2K Marin's troubled XCOM.

Publish date Oct 1 2012

XCOM FPS still in development, Take-Two confirms

2K Marin's shooter still on track for FY2014 release.

Publish date Aug 1 2012

XCOM FPS due out after April 2013

Take Two financial report states that the troubled spin-off FPS will be released before the end of March 2014.

Publish date May 23 2012

XCOM release date slips, avoids Mass Effect 3

2K Marin's reboot of the XCOM franchise (formerly X-Com) has slipped from its planned March 2012 release date, according to publisher Take-Two.

1 Publish date Nov 9 2011

XCOM coming March 9, 2012

XCOM, first announced for only PC and Xbox 360, is now coming to Xbox 360, PC and PS3. The game is in development at 2K Marin who handled BioShock 2.

4 Publish date Jun 3 2011

XCOM out in 2011

2K confirms the reboot won't hit stores this year.

Publish date Jun 10 2010

2K Marin is and isn't making new XCOM

2K Australia, acting under its new 2K Marin banner, is in charge.

1 Publish date Apr 15 2010

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