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The official game of the World Rally Championship.

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Milestone is a developer who specialises in motorsports, having already released two titles in the genre this year: SBKX and Superstars V8 Next Challenge. Both games were perfectly playable, but suffered from production values and structure well behind the times, and this is sadly the case with the studio's latest offering, WRC: FIA World Rally Championship. Once you get past the dated presentation and uninspired career mode, there's a decent rally game here, but even compared to the original DIRT from Codemasters it comes short on almost every level.

Maybe it's the fact that I've played a fair few Milestone racers in my time, but the career mode on offer here feels rather familiar. You get a number of chapters, each consisting of a collection of race events. Each event lists three levels of achievements, with credits handed out according to difficulty. Passing any of these will unlock the next event, but whereas a 10th place finish might earn a handful of credits, winning will earn a lot more.

Credits are needed to buy new cars across the three racing classes, and bizarrely also needed to acquire new sponsors - although unless I missed something, these sponsors don't differ much, if at all, in terms of what they give you. Initially you'll be competing in the regional championships, but the goal is to move up the ladder and get a job offer from a top class WRC team. This means you won't start in the WRC category, with your skills first being tested in the P-WRC, S-WRC and J-WRC sections.

WRC isn't a very forgiving game. I play a lot of racing games, but even on the standard difficulty the opening few events are punishing in the extreme. To unlock the next Chapter you're likely going to need to replay each event a handful of times, but things do start to click once you're more in tune with the way the cars handle on the various surface types.

Handling initially felt incredibly twitchy, which wasn't helped by the way cars don't exactly look the part on the track. It's an odd complaint, but something is off, whether it's the movement of the camera or the way the car pivots on the road surface. Things do get better, though, and you have to remember that this isn't DIRT, and as such isn't going to be as instantly gratifying.

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bertie's Avatar


All I can say is ;very dissapointing, I hope it gets better. I have played all the colin Mcrae series and was very excited to hear there was a new rally game coming along. I am a co-driver myself and have even incorporated some instructions from past games to my calls for my drivers. I have lots of issues, but to mention just afew, there's now count down on the start line, calls for crests are not always there, calls for distances are not always there, the co-driver over reacts when a bump against a wall occurs, I hope it gets better. They should have let actual rally crews have a go before release, even to get ideas how the game should be.
Posted 20:26 on 22 October 2010
xboxlive's Avatar


PLayed the demo,and was shocked how crap it felt.Poor game sorry.
Posted 13:58 on 08 October 2010
mikejosh1978's Avatar


It seems odd that WRC game was even made seeing as GT5 have a similar licence even if they don't really do a full scale season mode ( or will it ?).
Anything race related has to be GT5 or Forza if want a decent game .
Posted 13:29 on 08 October 2010
Equinox80's Avatar

Equinox80@ clangod

I have to agree with the review and everyhting you have said.

I was desperate for this to be good but the demo left me disappointed because it falls short in every area, especially handling which needs to be spot on in a rallying game.

I love DiRT 2 and I'm not bothered about how commercial or Americanised it is either. The rallying in it is great and the other events just add to the fun so I'll be waiting for DiRT 3 instead of picking this up.
Posted 11:37 on 08 October 2010


Oh, not great then? Will stick to Forza and Gran Turismo for now, they do pretty much everything I want from a car sim.
Posted 10:56 on 08 October 2010
clangod's Avatar


This has only reaffirmed my thoughts on the demo. Almost all of my gripes have been mentioned in the review and I can only say that I am in total agreeance with everything that is written.

I would expect for a WRC licensed game to be representitive of the kind of physics that are essential to the sport, and I have played WRC games of the past generation which did well all round. Unfortunately, this simply doesn't cut the mustard and will not be something I will play, not based on the graphical shortcomings alone, but on the overall presentation. I just cannot see it being fun enough to warrant a purchase.

I am a big rally fan. I regularly watch every snippet I can on television and have done for quite a few years. In this instance however, I have purchased Dirt 2 again as I spent next to no time on it before and WRC is simply not appealling enough for me. Dirt 3 next year and GT5 until then.

I don't care how commercialised and "amped" Dirt 2 comes across, it's just miles ahead of WRC in every way for me.
Posted 10:51 on 08 October 2010
Wido's Avatar


Nice read.

Quite surprised really. Its being what it is though. WRC. Its not Dirt and its not trying to be something it is not. Obviously will get comparisons to other games that also cover Rally, and yes. Presentation is somewhat lacking from what I played with the demo. Definitely dated graphics which doesn't give the game any justice or eye appealing candy for people to acknowledge its existence.

Look beyond the flaws and take a look under the hood. The gameplay is fine. Handling is spot on, and road surfaces effecting the efficiency of traction control really is realistic. Car models are ok but I think the car models are like 2000 build car models from the likes of Colin McRae 2 or 3. PC, Playstation 2 border-line.

Certainly not like your Forza and co and definitely not like Dirt.
Posted 10:30 on 08 October 2010

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