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Watch Dogs screenshot
Watch Dogs screenshot

Watch Dogs will release on "all home consoles" this holiday, an alleged promotional poster for the game has revealed.

The wording on the poster, which popped up over at Kotaku, suggests that the game will see a release on Wii U and any next-generation consoles released this side of Christmas, as well as the previously announced Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions.

watch dogs -

You can take a look at the poster yourself by clicking the image on the right.

Watch Dogs has long been rumoured to be in development for both current and next-generation systems owing to its impressive showing at last year's E3.

Ubisoft has never denied it either, of course, with CEO Yves Guillemot remaining coy when questioned about platforms soon after its reveal.

The firm later added weight to the rumours by confirming that it is developing some of its games on both current and next-generation hardware.

Both Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's next-generation Xbox are hotly tipped to go on sale this year.

Ubisoft handed a "no comment" when contacted about the poster this afternoon.

Source: Kotaku

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User Comments

rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ pblive

Are you blind man!

Posted 17:15 on 19 February 2013
Karlius's Avatar


The only game mentioned that doesn't use the Anvil engine is Splinter Cell but Conviction was brought so in line with the mechanics of Assassins Creed might as well use it.

Anvil is used for Watch Dogs. I imagine you have to spend time with the games to see the vast array of similarities!

Just as every Rockstar game uses the same engine with a few tweaks.
Posted 14:37 on 18 February 2013

pblive@ Karlius

That's an interesting viewpoint. I can't see much similarity in the game engines myself.
Posted 14:07 on 18 February 2013
Karlius's Avatar


This is just a rehashed re-skinned Ubisoft game. If they don't get it out on time they have issues. Splinter Cell/Assassins Creed/Prince of Persia all the same mechanics with different skins, weapons with slight tweaks. All Watch Dogs is, is a mashed up version of the above. The engine has probably been set up for next gen and all that is left is reconfiguration for any new features and re-sampling for higher resolutions. This isn't necessarily a bad thing.

It will sell by the million and will hopefully have the story to match without the repetitive nature of an Assassins Creed game.
Posted 13:52 on 18 February 2013
Woffls's Avatar


I remember saying over E3 that this would be great on Wii U because of the Gamepad and subsequently making note of Ubi's unconvincing proclamations of which platforms the game would appear on, then thinking it might actually happen.

What we need to acknowledge at the end of this generation* is that game engines are much more scalable, and there's a lot of architecture convergence going on as well as Sony/MS just being like "yeah let's make the same console" (this will screw Sony btw because hardware was their trump card).

Scalability means cross-platform and even cross-generation, and most publishers will have been working on next gen engines whilst developing current gen games, so it makes sense that some of these new current gen games will be built on new engines that can be scaled back to run on older hardware.

There's an obvious business case as well: Watch_Dogs has, it seems, gotten a lot of investment from Ubisoft, so they'll want to market it a lot and sell it to the largest potential market. Current gen alone would be enough for them, but selling it as a next gen game (thus getting support from MS/Sony for helping their new platforms) will say to consumers "yo here's this bad ass SHINY NEXT GEN game that you can play on your current consoles without the bad ass rain.

And the reason it wasn't announced for other consoles is because the platform holders weren't ready. Why the hell Nintendo weren't on board at the time and stole Watch_Dogs for their press conference I will never know.

Of course, the poster could be a load of twaddle, but I still think this is a cross-platform game. How cross platform? I don't know. It's either PS360U or PS(3/4)Xbox3(60)U... and maybe Vita lol jokes.

*Okay here I got a bit sentimental and stopped typing the other bit. Video game platforms are released so infrequently, yet just over few enough years, that it's possible to get truly invested in the cycle. We genuinely get excited about the new prospects, all the changes and which platform holders are going to make the biggest difference.

I don't really know what I'm getting at (for a change har har), but it's the closest real-world application I can think of (other than like relationships or whatever) for the phrase "end of an era".
Posted 11:11 on 16 February 2013


This will almost certainly be delayed at least on current gen.
Posted 09:39 on 16 February 2013
TheLastProphet's Avatar


Although this was the best game at last year's E3, we should bear in mind it was a very dull E3 all round. I hope the game turns out the way everyone wants it to, but I'm going to be cautiously optimistic until I've seen more of what it has to offer rather than jumping on the hype train just yet
Posted 21:19 on 15 February 2013
s_h_a_d_o's Avatar


I do not comment on rumour and speculation. :|
Posted 19:46 on 15 February 2013
MJTH's Avatar


Yay! This game looked really awesome! Well now I have to save up and get it.
Posted 17:02 on 15 February 2013

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