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Ubisoft's North American executive director Laurent Detoc has revealed that the company plans to release "one [or] two good new IPs" every year.

"We need to make new IPs," Detoc told Polygon. "It's part of our future. From a business point of view we need to continue to create new IPs.

"Last year we brought you Rocksmith, and every year you will find one, two, depending on the year, good new IPs from Ubisoft."

Earlier this month Ubisoft announced Watch Dogs, a new IP built around the concept of a connected world where electronic devices can be hacked into and manipulated by the player.

Initially, rumours suggested that the game may be due to launch on next-generation consoles. However, Ubisoft later confirmed that the game would launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

So, why didn't the firm wait to launch Watch Dogs on next-generation consoles?

"There's no bad time or good time," continued Detoc.

"If you make something really good, people will embrace it. Watch Dogs turned out to be that game this year that everybody loves. There's no bad time to bring good content.

"At the end of the day, making good products is what we're after."

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User Comments

Endless's Avatar


I'm with munkee (to a degree) on this one. There are games (those he mentioned and others) I am simply not interested in because of their characters and the settings.

New IPs are a risk. A safer route might be to have a new character exist alongside an existing one and allow the player to choose which they like. That way you can introduce a new character without the risk of everyone not liking them. Because they can still play as their tried and tested old character in the new setting/experience.

And if people like the new character there's the option to give them their own game!
Posted 22:28 on 20 June 2012
munkee's Avatar


It doesn't need to be AAA mainstream/hardcore titles. iOS, Android, PS Vita, PS minis, Xbox Arcade, Wii-ware, DS Store, etc..
Posted 18:23 on 20 June 2012
Batmamerc's Avatar


Would prefer quality not quantity they say there going to bring new ips every year but I bet ass 3 won't be the last ass in the series. If making sequels works and makes them money why put pressure on themselves to develop original ideas, watchdogs looks amazing and where all hyped after only seeing a small scripted part of the game, can they really get that much anticipation, awe and hype twice a year? Can see this statement biting them on there ass and been retracted.
Posted 18:13 on 20 June 2012
munkee's Avatar


While on the discussion of new IP, I often wonder what Rocksteady Studios would've come up with if they weren't using existing properties.
Posted 14:13 on 20 June 2012
munkee's Avatar

munkee@ CheekyLee

"I don't get this fascination with new IPs"

Simple. Some people get excited by innovation. Some people get excited by tried and tested formulas. Some people, like myself, don't mind playing another action-adventure (for example) if the character, back story and world are going to be different.

Look at American superheroes. They're all based on the exact same template. But, there's one for everybody. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ironman, etc.. They're all the same guy. but, one of those characters taps into my interests.

Gears of War, great game. I don't like the antagonist, or protagonists. Same with God of War and I cant find the fun in Assassins Creed* at all. If you gave me those same games, but in new settings with different characters.. I'm likely to pick them up and play them.

I'm fascinated in new IP's. It's one of the many forms of creativity in the industry.

"They aren't always the answer" - Correct, they're not. But, they're a damn good reason to keep playing.

*What excited me about Watch Dogs was being able to play an AC style game, but, in a cyberpunk setting. It wasn't innovation, or graphics (although very nice) that lured me in. It was the potential new world and characters.
Posted 13:53 on 20 June 2012
reynoldio's Avatar


Will I be able to get Lloyd's Comic Capers on Vita? I'd like to put a pre-order in...
Posted 13:20 on 20 June 2012
CheekyLee's Avatar


I don't get this fascination with new IPs. They aren't always the answer. Here:

So, I just invented a new character. He is called Lloyd. And he will star in a platform game called Lloyd's Comic Capers, where he has been transferred into a land populated by the collected unfinished creations of comic book artists. His aim is to unite them all, so that he can ultimately escape this fantasy prison and rejoin the real world. There we have it, new IP. Done.

Now, let's imagine it sells well. Guess what? Say hello to Lloyd's Space Chase, Lloyd's Hero Quest, Lloyd's Kart Kapers, Lloyd's Comic Capers 2, all of which sell entirely according to the law of diminished returns. In 5 years time, everyone is sick of what has happened to Lloyd, which was so fresh in the first title, that I decide to do a reboot. Welcome, Lloyd Raider.

I speak as someone who didn't even bother finishing Uncharted 2, who found Mass Effect 3 to be more of a grind than an enjoyable conclusion, and who gave up on CoD several versions ago. And yet, I look at what new ideas everything brings to the table, which is why I am genuinely excited about ZombiU, but could honestly not care less about Assassin's Creed 3. I'll take fresh designs and new ideas inside an existing polished framework over everything being new just because that's what people are saying they want every single time. Especially when 90% of all protagonists are the same as each other anyway.
Posted 12:53 on 20 June 2012
Woffls's Avatar


As long as they don't actually mean "let's make new IP to distract people from a [hypothetical] lack of creativity".

A new IP every year is achievable, but don't expect them all to be like Watch_Dogs. Some of them will be throwaway titles, but it's still good that they're aiming for something.
Posted 10:40 on 20 June 2012
munkee's Avatar


"We need to make new IPs," - This is music to my ears.
Posted 10:11 on 20 June 2012

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