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Viva Piñata Cheats for Xbox 360

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Viva Piñata is a customisable, social and spontaneous game that invites players of all ages and skills to explore an immersive world where they are challenged to create and maintain a living garden ecosystem that grows in real time.

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Cheats & Hints 1

Extra accessories:
Name your garden chewnicorn, goobaa or Bullseye to get extra accessories at the shop.


Feeding a horstachio one daisy and one blackberry will change it into a zumbug (purple zebra).
(supplied by: tomm.y)

Money Trick:

Go into Costalot´s store and select seeds, then select chili. Then you enter "plant or drop" mode, plant each chili in squares of four (Don´t buy them yet) and make as many quads as you like. Have in mind that the more you plant the more difficult it is to grow them to maximum growth. When done buy them then select water-can (best is appreciated) water them almost to max then go to ivor-bargain and select wonder fertilizer and try to pour over four at the same time.
(supplied by: SNULVIN)

Get a Redhot:

Use 1 Taffy and Direct him to a torch. Before he gets there get out your watering can. When he gets there he will go on fire. Pour water on him. You should have a new Redhot resident. Sell him for 2100 chocolate coins if you want.
(supplied by: paulie9990)

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FAQs & Walkthroughs 1

Download: FAQ

FAQ/Walkthrough v0.71.

(Downloads are on an external site and open in a new window)
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User Comments

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Posted 17:07 on 01 February 2009
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i have an eagle air now but it killed my buzzenges too and i as relived toget one so if u need help just ask.
Posted 10:14 on 17 January 2009
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NNOOO i have got sour bonboons to appear why me why?
Posted 15:29 on 01 January 2009
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i just got to the level where sour mallowolves are introduced how dum can i get?
Posted 11:50 on 01 January 2009
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can anyone tell me how i get a corn plant???

will a pretztail eat a bone?

HELLO will anyone answer me come on im desperate for a quackberry (although they are well and truly bonkers)

i reckon i am really impatient sometimes but i seriously can get impatient...
Anonymous can you help me i really want a chewnicorn but i dont no how to get one
Posted 19:12 on 30 December 2008
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you can get a juicygoose by feeding a quakberry a gooseberry
Posted 18:58 on 27 December 2008
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you can get a salomango by feeding a chilli to a newtgat
Posted 18:57 on 27 December 2008
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i need a lion chippopotamous and parrybo and egalair but my eagle air eats my buzzenges but dont become one ov my pinatas..
Posted 18:56 on 27 December 2008
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i need a lion and chippoptamous
Posted 18:53 on 27 December 2008
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Report: I'm level 63 whoohoo!

And also i don't have to do that number thing or type in my name!
being a full member rules!

To celebrate, I'll tell you some cheats! ^.^ lucky you!

Arocknid colors jack O'laturn = orange, bluebell flower=blue water lily flower=pink.

Badgsicle colors apples=red, bluebell flower=blue, jar of honey+ water lily flower=fucha.

Your welcome! ^.^ I'll post back soon
Posted 02:22 on 20 December 2008
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yOu mE

ello peeps and people! um you probaly want me to talk right? enter these as new garden names ( no worries it wont start a new garden.)




Posted 02:12 on 20 December 2008
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as the following I shall post more "cheats"

One more for horstachio chilli seed= red

Gooba water lily seed= pink wool, bluebell flower=blue wool and violet seed=black wool.

Thank you again people for reading.
Posted 02:09 on 20 December 2008
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Bye and type back soon please :3
Posted 22:46 on 29 November 2008
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Oops I mean the color changes for every pinata and info on them
Posted 22:45 on 29 November 2008
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Try this Jim, google buzzlegum color changes for viva pinata, then go to the first one it will tell you all the color changes! Cool Right?
Posted 22:44 on 29 November 2008

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