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Two Worlds II screenshot
Two Worlds II screenshot

TopWare Interactive has announced the February 4 UK release of Two Worlds II, the follow-up to the popular fantasy RPG.

Managing director James Seaman commented: "Everyone is extremely proud of what Two Worlds II has become, and we're really looking forward to rewarding our faithful UK fans with a title worthy of their patience."

Royal Edition collector's sets are also now available for pre-order exclusively from GAME. Only 2500 units will be released.

- Bonus DVD (With music tracks, concept art, wallpapers, making-of documentary)

- World map of Antaloor

- Special Edition Dragon Queen statuette

- Exclusive unlockable in-game weapons

- Two Worlds II Limited Edition Collectable

- Deck of Two Worlds II Playing Cards

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User Comments

FantasyMeister's Avatar


I preordered the regular UK edition (£29.86). Was very tempted to import a regular European copy for the XBox 360 - its been out in the rest of Europe for a while now - but ultimately didn't want to pfaff around with exchange rates.

Unsurprisingly, like the first game, the release date keeps on slipping. GAME still show 4th Feb, my preorder elsewhere shows 11th Feb.
Posted 09:24 on 23 January 2011
spacer1205's Avatar


I take it the Collectors edition is an European SKU only.... In America I can only pre-order the regular edition. I am a sucker for Collector edition of good games. Oh well I can only hope this sequel will be better then its predecessor...Plus the game ships here in the States on 1-25-2011.
Posted 17:09 on 10 January 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ scaz2244

Two Worlds was an Oblivion clone for sure, it just didn't work as smoothly but it had some cooler features mentioned above. The major difference is that Two Worlds is 3rd person, Oblivion was mostly 1st person unless you like their 3rd person style.

Two Worlds II has been described as 'the best RPG since Elderscrolls III' by one gamer so it's apparently trying real hard to knock Oblivion of its pedestal. You can find a big Italian video review for it here. I downloaded the HQ version and that has instantly pushed TW2 right to the top of my 'must kill to get' list, just above Deus Ex.
Posted 18:33 on 09 January 2011
scaz2244's Avatar

scaz2244@ FantasyMeister

would you say that in a way it plays like oblivion? im tempted to get it if its cheap
Posted 11:54 on 09 January 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ scaz2244

First one ended up with a 50/65 Metacritic for the 360/PC versions and was a real glitchfest on the 360 version which I played. However, I still carried on playing it for 200 hours because it's one of those RPGs that manages to carve its own little niche.

Things like weapon-stacking (find two swords that are the same, simply add them together to increase their power, then go hunting for 50 or so more), decent card-based magic system (more cards you have, the bigger your nukes are) and, despite the intermittent stop/start loading icons, one of the most varied open world maps you've ever experienced, both above and below ground.

Two Worlds II Metacritic is much better, high 70s, and has even more neat things that carve its own little niche even deeper.
Posted 18:23 on 08 January 2011
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ scaz2244

It was a good game. I really enjoyed myself but the bugs and co made it somewhat sour to a lot of people.
Posted 15:02 on 08 January 2011
scaz2244's Avatar


never played the first two worlds was it any good? this seems to be ok might wait til go down in price
Posted 15:00 on 08 January 2011
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ FantasyMeister

I'll be going for the normal edition. £69.99 is far too much to be spending around Feb/March and even April. So many good games plus the 3DS are out within that time-frame.

I'm hopeing Shopto will have a good price for this.

Back to the game. I hope they have aired out the bugs which was in Two Worlds I. Fun game to play, and even though the cheats you can input in the game to make you pretty much god somewhat spoilt the fun.
Posted 21:36 on 07 January 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar


So... £29.95 for the regular console edition from most places except for GAME, or £69.99 for the Royal Edition. Verrily, methinks I might partake of the aforementioned regular edition.

From what I can gather, Jonathan Failla who voiced the hero from the original game isn't in this one. That in itself makes any edition of the sequel comparatively priceless.
Posted 20:03 on 07 January 2011

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