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An epic adventure across a massive digital world filled with disc-based combat and advanced light cycles.

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TRON: Evolution screenshot
TRON: Evolution screenshot

A big disappointment for fans of the original film will be the distinct shortage of Lightcycle sequences. Even when the iconic bikes do show up, these sections suffer from twitchy handling and a plethora of instant-kill obstacles. You're always simply trying to avoid falling debris until you reach the end, and once you've ridden a bike (fairly early on in the game) you won't want to do it again. The drivable tanks are another missed opportunity, plodding along as nearly indestructible killing machines, firing out powerful rounds that obliterate everything in their way. While these sequences should be thrilling, they become tiresome as soon as you've fired the cannon a few times.

And yet despite these criticisms, Tron isn't a bad game. The fact that it's like Prince of Persia, albeit a slightly sloppy version, means it's got something going for it, while the combat (when you're not going from identikit room to identikit room) is often quite exciting and depicted with a clear cinematic flare. But there's only so much of the same old formula you can take before it becomes boring. I lost count of the times I entered a room, the citizens inside screamed and legged it, and guards appeared, the doors locking behind them. When you're not doing some form of acrobatics, that's the game in a nutshell.

If you've seen the original film or trailers for the soon-to-be-released sequel you'll know just how visually spectacular the world of Tron is. The game does a decent job of capturing this look, but it's not quite eye-popping enough. The world certainly impresses with its built-up city streets and neon lights, but it's just missing that wow factor. Things aren't helped by some rather clumsy animations and transitions between them, and there's a distinct lack of memorable set-pieces. In fact, the most impressive moments come when the cool looking Recognizer ships fly into view to drop off soldiers. The soundtrack is ultra stylish, though, while the voice acting is top notch. Evolution is a nicely put together package, but its visuals are hurt by a severe lack of variety.

Main story aside, there's also a 10-player multiplayer mode to try, although the standard deathmatch style action doesn't suit the game's combat. Deathmatch, capture the flag and king of the hill variants are on offer, and some of the maps allow you to switch to your lightcycle on the fly, but the handling doesn't lend itself to a frenetic multiplayer experience. It doesn't help that hardly anyone is playing the game at the moment - and it's already been out for two weeks.

Tron: Evolution is simple fun, but let down by a fairly short campaign that becomes samey far too quickly. The combat stops evolving too soon, and the lightcycles are a big disappointment. Multiplayer sounds good on paper but isn't something worth investing much time in. Obsessive Tron fans will appreciate the story that links to the two movies, but everyone else can easily give this a miss.

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guyderman's Avatar


CTV compared it to Arkham Asylum and called it "the best game of the year":


I had it on rental last week on the PS3 - after 2 hours I was bored of it. It was pretty at first but very, very repetative with some simply terrible platforming sections.

Trust me this is no Arkham Asylum and in a year that has been very strong for games it is no GOTY!

In a year that I've also not 100% agreed with a few reviews on VG - this is actually one review that I felt was pretty spot on the money!
Posted 08:17 on 10 December 2010
JamesTRON's Avatar

JamesTRON@ SexyJams

I actually went hands-on with the Wii version a while back (I work with Disney Interactive and they brought me in to preview all the TRON games) and I came away pretty impressed with it! I'm a huge interface junkie so the most important thing to me is how a game controls, and IMO Battle Grids really knocked it out of the park with how intuitively it handled - for instance, in the light-cycle parts, you tilt to steer, pull up on the Wiimote to jump, and L/R on the d-pad for 90-degree turns (same for the Move controls in the PS3 game, btw). Propaganda also got a WHOLE lot of graphical juice out of the Wii, too! Definitely one to keep an eye on if you're a Wii gamer.

That being said, there have been some positive reviews of the next-gen TRON: Evolutions too - CTV compared it to Arkham Asylum and called it "the best game of the year":

The legendarily-strict Eurogamer reviewed TRON: Evolution too and found lots to like about it:
Posted 23:22 on 09 December 2010
rbevanx's Avatar


I played this today in HMV on the PS3 and the review is spot on. I was impressed at first with the graphics and "Oh my God it's Trom Legacy and it looks like the film".

The game is very repetitive and I would only suggest it to a hardcore fan of Tron.
Posted 20:02 on 08 December 2010
SexyJams's Avatar

SexyJams@ Ghost_Dog

Well I haven't seen any movie reviews, but I've seen a fair bit of disappointment over this game. It actually looks as though the Wii Battle Grids game is better.
Posted 19:54 on 08 December 2010
Ghost_Dog's Avatar


The movie has also received a lukewarm reception.

Seems like this is a perfect tie-in.
Posted 17:03 on 08 December 2010
draytone's Avatar


YouTube Video

Going to read this now, just wanted to post the vid up.

hmmm.... heres url.
Posted 16:56 on 08 December 2010
IamBugged's Avatar


Oh why couldn't Neon do the review for this one? That would have been perfect... :p
Posted 16:53 on 08 December 2010

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TRON: Evolution
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