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Top Spin 4 brings the competitive action of tennis to life.

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Top Spin 4 screenshot
Top Spin 4 screenshot

You can take your guy or girl on tour through all the big (and small) tournaments, but that's essentially it for the Career mode. If pure tennis is what you're after, look no further, but there's very little in the way of flash and bravado here, which does make Top Spin 4 feel a little dour.

At each stage of your career you can choose to take part in a warm-up event and then a tournament. The warm-up event can be a sparring match against an AI opponent, with certain goals rewarding you with more XP, or a special event that brings with it extra XP.

As you progress with your player you'll unlock coaches (bronze, silver and gold varieties), which when activated give you stat and XP bonuses. Complete objectives set by each and you'll unlock more of their bonuses, but switch to a new coach and you'll only have access to that new set of bonuses.

Aside from a few odd moments when player faces look a little lifeless, Top Spin 4 is a brilliant looking game. Although three of the four major tournaments are officially licensed there's no Wimbledon, which is a shame considering it's considered the most prestigious event in the tennis calendar. Still, players are modelled well, animations are superb and everything runs at a beautifully smooth 60 frames per second.

If you don't have anyone to play with on the same console you're going to want to make use of the online multiplayer features. Top Spin 4 features numerous game modes that limit the players you can play with. If you want to play as your custom player you can do so in an Online World Tour or Exhibition, while the included pros can be used in a separate mode complete with unique leaderboard and a meta-like game that works out which Pro is the best based on online performances.

Top Spin 4 isn't flashy and doesn't come with any gimmicks, but it's an incredibly competent and in-depth tennis sim that the sport's fans would be foolish to pass up. It's more accessible than the previous entry and includes the necessary online functionality to keep you playing for months.

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Nice review. I got the game at release and played it nearly non-stop since then. The gameplay feels good, the matches against a CPU player can get very exciting. Yesterday I became 'The Greatest' in career mode (the final level you can reach) and I still have the urge to play more.

Sadly the online is pretty broken for me on 360. Of the few matches I managed to play I won 3 and lost 1, but it shows only one win and 3 forfeit matches. And I got pretty bad lag in 2 of the 4 matches, but that might be a connection issue.
Posted 10:25 on 06 April 2011

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Top Spin 4
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Top Spin 4
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  • Lots to learn
  • Good online functionality
  • A little uninspiring
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