Tomb Raider screenshot
Tomb Raider screenshot

The final day of the Xbox LIVE Ultimate Games Sale has begun, with today's offers valid through to July 8.

Tomb Raider and XCOM Enemy Unknown have both been reduced down to £14.99, while Gears of War: Judgment and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance are £24.99. Hitman: Absolution is pretty tempting at £8.99, but we don't see much value in BioShock Infinite at £34.99.

These games come in addition to the titles on sale all week:

  • Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway - £4.49
  • Far Cry Instincts: Predator - £4.49
  • Crysis - £4.49
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - £4.49
  • WWE 13 - £13.99
  • Mass Effect - £4.49
  • Prey - £2.69
  • Bulletstorm - £4.49
  • Dragon Age: Origins - £4.49
  • Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga - £14.99

Source: Major Nelson

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LuckyLukus's Avatar


I've only picked up Forza Horizon during this sale... I'm waiting for the Steam sale to begin and to watch all my hard earnt pennies disappear. But in the mean time I'm having a blast with sonic transformed. Free for steam users till Sunday night.
Posted 13:05 on 05 July 2013
Mr_Arrogant_95's Avatar


Oh come on! I was waiting to see what price Bioshock Infinite would go down to as I haven't bought it yet (I bought Ni No Kuni at the time in case anyone's wondering) but it's only £25 at Tesco, so what's the point of buying it here? Very disappointed by this, will probably just have to buy it at tesco after all.
Posted 11:38 on 05 July 2013


I liked what I played of Bulletstorm, but its been on PS+ so I have that on my PS3 to play.

Tomb Raider for £15 is pretty good if you prefer digital versions over retail.
Posted 11:11 on 05 July 2013
CoffeeJezus's Avatar


Divinity II finally dropped to £4.99 this morning, so I've bought it. I played the demo a few years back and really liked it, so at that price est le stealaaage.

On the podcast a few weeks back Matt was raving about Bulletstorm. Andi Hamilton added further curiosity fuel over Twitter, so i've bought that too.
Posted 11:09 on 05 July 2013

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