TNA iMPACT! screenshot
TNA iMPACT! screenshot

Ex-WWE wrestler Kurt Angle has laid the smackdown on THQ's wrestling games, saying that it will only take a month for upcoming wrestling game TNA Impact! to crush its bitter rival.

Speaking in an interview with at the launch of Midway's new licensed wrestling game, TNA Impact!, Angle slammed Smackdown vs. Raw for its "lack of effort and lack of ideas".

He said: "Smackdown's game is going to look like all the other games in the past. I've been there. I know how much effort they put behind it. For each wrestler they usually take about two-and-a-half minutes and that's it. They (Midway) have actually spent hours with wrestlers to make this happen with TNA Impact! You're going to see it's so much more authentic. It's a no brainer. We're going to win the war definitely."

TNA, which broadcasts in the UK on cable channel Bravo, is the WWE's closest rival in the TV ratings. It has accumulated a number of famous wrestlers from the WWE itself, including Kurt Angle. Publisher Midway is clearly hoping to slice a piece of the extremely lucrative wrestling game pie when TNA Impact! releases this summer.

When asked if he was confident gamers would pick up TNA Impact! over WWE Smackdown vs. Raw, Angle replied: "No I'm not confident that will happen. I believe in the long run we will end up selling more than they will. But I believe the fans will pick Smackdown first, they will try it out and then they'll go back and they will pick TNA Impact! up and they'll try it and say "wow I shouldn't have bought Smackdown". What's going to happen is after the first round of people buy they're going to call their friends and say TNA Impact! is so much better than Smackdown, get that.

"During the first week I don't think we're going to win the war. I think within a month we're going to be crushing them in the war. So it's just going to take a couple of weeks for everybody to realise that we have the better game. It's just that right now WWE is slightly beating us in the TV ratings and they are going to have the advantage because they've had experience. This is our first video game. This is big for us, this is huge. A lot of people are going to be curious but at the same time they're so used to buying WWE stuff they are probably going to do the old fashioned "let me see how Smackdown's doing" and then they'll say "let me see how Impact's doing".

Confident fellow isn't he? Check out the full video interview with Kurt Angle to see for yourself, then head over to our hands-on impressions of TNA Impact! to find out if we think Angle's confidence is justified.

TNA Impact! Is due for release in summer 2008 on PS3, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

Is Kurt Angle right or is he talking a load of balls? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Jason's Avatar
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Im a huge WWE fan, not so much TNA but TNA IMPACT! will probably be better cuz WWE games have been getting so damn boring so if TNA IMPACT! is entertaining i might be buying it over smackdown vs raw.WWE needs to make a better story mode like in Smackdown Here Comes The Pain
Posted 22:24 on 29 July 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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How can anyone say tna sucks when the wwe has banned mostly every move tna uses. wwe is all talk they have 2 good matches in 2 hours and its a waste of tv space. dont say anything about cena cause he sucks as well. nobody in the wwe can wrestle with the exception of triple h.
Posted 02:45 on 12 March 2008
Freddy's Avatar
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Kurt Angle should keep his words soft and sweet because he might have to eat them later.
Posted 16:48 on 24 February 2008
Jose's Avatar
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It looks like kurt angle was paid to say this.
Posted 22:52 on 15 February 2008
rated r's Avatar
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rated r

tna is a joke. they were going in the right direction with the x division as the main draw of tna but they quickly buried them for what? for a bunch off wwe rejects.
Posted 22:35 on 15 February 2008
tna is a joke's Avatar
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tna is a joke

kurt talks so much crap its starting to smell......maybe tna shouldnt be worring to much about wwe and claming they going to do this and that, tna impact the show sucks even tna wrestlers say the show sucks, tna is "slighty gunna end up like everyone in the tna roster that used to work at wwe theyre gunna be outta of job and its because of them wanting to get attenion from wwe TNA IS NOT COMPETTING WITH WWE YOU ****ING STUPID **** KURT ANGLE YOUR NOT ON MONDAYS OR TUESDAYS OR FRIDAYS YOUR ON THURSDAYS SO I DONT KNOW WHO YOU THINK YOUR TAKING RATINGS FROM BUT ITS NOT WWE
Posted 15:39 on 15 February 2008
aj's Avatar
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tna doesn't best ecw actually, most time their lose that battle with their worthless show getting 1.0 or less, any1 below the age of 13 and only just tuned into wrestling would sat tna's better while others who watched for years like i have for 20 now knows the fact of truth, wwe was, is and for always shall be the greatest promotion going in wrestling while tna will just simple die out and be gone then likes of angle the loud mouth will come crawling back.
Posted 10:23 on 15 February 2008
danny's Avatar
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yo Anthony i totally agree with what you saying tna is just crap all time round with their so-call big stars like the cry-baby know as the deluded angle and over-rated christian...cena alone could destroy that place in sec's but wouldnt waste his time, i much rather watch the likes of fcw then the crap tna puts on each week, wwe please continue to crush them in everythink going.
Posted 10:16 on 15 February 2008
Anthony's Avatar
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Anonymous you spinless worm not even had guts put you name, you need walk up tna is crap in evey department going, wwe will and always shall be top dog in professional wrestling....bigger stars, better shows, better matches oh and even likes of j.cena can cut better promo's ( not shot at jc)...only 5sec fans think crapna's better while in reality it's not even in the same league as ovw.
Posted 10:12 on 15 February 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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You guys are retarded. Raw's ratings are going down, whilst Impact's ratings are on the up. They beat ECW every week now. I will buy this game. WWE is for 10 year-olds who need **** material.
Posted 09:33 on 15 February 2008
wwe_rules!'s Avatar
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kurt you a load of bullsh*t your show sucks your only get paid to say that stuff so thats why you say that. no kurt in the long run the WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT will beat tna. this is how i see it. ill get the smackdown game play it then get the tna game play and then say to my self the wwe game is so much better than the tna game so kurt you and everyone else knows that the wwe doesnt need a game to beat the tna they can beat you with the great khali him self. so go and try to say stuff but its not going to help your 1.0 show beat a 4.0 show even wwe's crappy show ecw ( no offense ecw fans) can beat your show by a mile. so in the words of d generation x SUCK IT!
Posted 22:45 on 14 February 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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It sounds to me like Angle is high
Posted 19:20 on 14 February 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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Posted 19:19 on 14 February 2008
lightning116's Avatar
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I find it funny how Angle would say things like this WHEN HE'S WORKING FOR THE COMPANY. Obviously he would say things like that.
Posted 16:31 on 14 February 2008
Wordofblake's Avatar
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LOL @ Angle.

Hey Kurt, your show gets a 1.0 in the ratings, the WWE gets a 3.6 so I fail to see how that is SLIGHTLY higher. To people that don't get plastered at 1pm and drive drunk or people who are addicted to pain killers, we call that a HUGE difference.
Posted 15:37 on 14 February 2008

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